Spirit Week for Lady Irish

Nerd Day    The junior high sit back enjoy reading the various resource books that normally spend too much time on the shelves.

Spirit Week this year included thetraditional dress up days. The short week, due to teachers' conference,meant only three days with Monday -- Pajama/Bad Hair Day, Tuesday-- Nerd/Mr. Freese Day, Wednesday -- Red and White Day. Unfortunatelywe only took pictures on Nerd Day. This was especially bad sincesome students put on the old red and white band uniforms (plushats) for red and white day.


   It was no accident that Nerd Day look suspiciously like a Mr. Freese, school principal, Day as students put on ties and black mustaches (and the sousaphone part really hurt). All grades got into the act. Photo I.D.s: top left, the boys get in some added research, while top right Nikki, Sara, and La Rae look better than usual. Bottom left, Austin used all his courage and pulled out all the stops, while Rich had to use all his strength to drag around a sousaphone/case.