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 Apple Announces Winners of Apple iLife Educator Awards

 Sacred Heart School wins an honorable mention

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CUPERTINO, California-September 25, 2003-Apple® today announcedthe winners of the "Apple iLife Educator Awards" for2003, recognizing the most innovative uses of iLife™, anintegrated suite of Apple's award-winning software for digitalphotography, movie making, digital music and DVD creation, inthe classroom.

"Today's students are digital kids who learn and communicatedifferently than students did just five years ago, and teachersneed new tools to keep these students engaged in learning,"said John Couch, Apple's vice president of Education. "Withthe iLife Awards, we're recognizing and rewarding the educatorsthat have best integrated this powerful, yet easy to use set oftools for digital kids into their curriculum."

The "Apple iLife Educator Awards" contest was opento all K-12 district or school level educators, or pre-serviceteachers and faculty or staff of accredited Colleges of Educationlocated in the US or Canada (excluding Quebec) with over 800 entriesbeing received. To see a complete list of the winning entriesand lesson plans, visit

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All Movies Must be Viewed with Apple QuickTime Player.Note: We use this on our office computer which runs Windows 98and it works fine.

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 What's Wrong with Spirit

 What's the Wrong With Spirit? -- 1.8 MB

by Autumn

 Punkin the Cat

 Punkin the Cat -- 660 KB

by Lauren

 Sylvester's Surprise

 Sylvester's Surprise -- 1.9 MB

by Kt and Amanda

 Sammy the Snake

 Sammy the Snake -- 1.7 MB

by Daniel

 Willow the Wolf

 Willow the Wolf -- 2 MB

by Ashley

 The Coolest Sled

 The Coolest Sled -- 680 MB

by Matt and Dusty

 The New Mailbox

 The New Mailbox -- 2.6 MB

by Mia and Celina

 Rabbit and Turtle's Pumpkin

 Rabbit and Turtle's Pumpkin -- 1.7 MB

by Chelsea

 Frog and Snail go to Grandma's

 Frog and Snail go to Grandma's House -- 1.7 MB

by Sarah

 Poor Henrey the Snail

 Poor Henrey the Snail -- 2.7 MB

by Ryan and Tyrel

 The Dream Day

 The Dream Day -- 18.7 MB

This was last year's spring movie, written by Autumn. The video quality is set very low otherwise the file would be huge. Despite this, it takes a long time to load. If you have high-speed access, you should be in luck as it will play and load at the same time. Dial-up folks, find a good book to read while the video loads -- maybe two.

 Science Fair Disaster

 Science Fair Disaster -- 13.7 MB

This was our first student movie using iMovie to edit. In the past we just made very rough cut edits beween video cameras -- terrible results. Like "The Dream Day" this movie takes a long to load if using standard dial-up Internet service.