Sacred Heart students presented their projects in the school library ahead of the main science fair.

 Eighth grader Andrew, Trail Creek School, is describing to judge Mr. Hould how a series of lemons produced enough electrical current to power a small light.

 Seventh grader LaRae, Sacred Heart, used a microwave to try and decontaminate soil.

 The judges look over a project on what design can hold up under the most stress from weight.

 Sixth grader Jennifer, Sacred Heart, took the Consumer Reports style of science testing a variety of paper towels to see which is the most absorbent.

 Fifth grader Garrett, Kircher School, with his project.

 Fifth grader Celina, Sacred Heart, describes her project to Mrs. Benasky one of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) judges.

 A number of workshops were conducted for the younger students. The Bureau of Land Mangement fire team and mascot -- Smokey the Bear -- talked with students in the Sacred Heart library.

 After the judges interviewed and scored the students' projects, the scores were tallied.

 While the 5th through 8th graders participated in the Science Fair, the younger students enjoyed workshops. The above workshop was the return of one of our favorites -- Mr. Wizard.