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Main Street Bridge Construction

MILES CITY (Sept. 21) -- This video was actually shot on the 15th and 20th.  There is only video in this clip and no story.  MCNN will have a full story and video of the completed project in early November.  UPDATE 10/3 -- Asphalt is well underway and the bridge project is rapidly nearing completion.

Miles City Budget -- Making Dollars and Cents/Sense

MILES CITY (Sept. 21) -- Running a city is not cheap.  Miles City's overall budget is 12 million dollars with 3.7 million covering costs in the general fund.  But where does the money come from and how does the city decide where to spend it?  MCNN student reporters take the PBS Zoom (public broadcasting) program approach to answer these questions.  Special thanks to Finance Council Chairman Mark Ahner for taking the time to meet with students at City Hall and give us a lesson -- MC Budget 101.

Stower Street Project

MILES CITY (Sept. 20) -- Will Stower Street become a major traffic route for people traveling to Haynes Ave. businesses?  Stower currently is a through street west of Strevell, but not to the east.  An early attempt to make Stower a through street from Strevell to Haynes was sidelined, but now that a gravel road has been made cutting across a former horse pasture the wheels are turning to make Stower another route to Haynes.  UPDATE 10/3 -- Stower has been made a through street between Haynes and Strevell with a four-way stop at the intersection of Stower and Cale.

1950s Holy Rosary Hospital Building Demolished
Cornerstone Project Restores Life to Oldest Hospital Buildings

MILES CITY (Sept. 7) -- For half a century the five story Holy Rosary Hospital building had been a familiar site, but following the hospital's move to a new medical campus in the 1990s, the building so many people had been proud of became nothing more than a sad, empty shell.  Following five years of planning and meetings, the Miles City Housing Authority and administrator Melissa Hartman worked to secure the 1.5 million dollar funding needed to remove the 1950s building.  More than that, they brought in some 3.5 million dollars for a historical restoration of the older hospital buildings located adjacent to the high rise.  The 1907 and 1920s building are being turned into affordable family housing with 21 apartments to be open for renters to move in this November if construction continues as scheduled.  MCNN has prepared multiple videos on the Cornerstone project.  The first story posted is on the demolition project prepared by instructor Bart Freese followed by two student produced videos on the Cornerstone renovation work.

HGTV site
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Miles City News Network Launched as Teaching Tool

MILES CITY (Aug. 31) -- Sacred Heart School launched MCNN -- the Miles City News Network today with two goals in mind.  The first is to give students an opportunity to have more meaningful writing projects.  The second to provide a service to those people interested in Miles City news events.
    “It has become clear that many people who no longer live here (Miles City) are still interested in what is going on,” said Bart Freese teacher and principal.  Freese points to the interest shown by readers of the non-profit web site milescity.com where former residents often post asking about various Miles City news events.  “There is a real interest in not just written news, but photos as well,” Freese added.
    The plan is not just to have news text stories -- also photos and video.  Also, the news site is aimed at teaching, not controversy.  While it may be the easy way out, news items regarding police incidents, etc., will not be reported. 

Eric Thomas Group Performs at BHS
 MILES CITY (May) --  Normally the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale is known for horses, cowboys, and western music.  There has been an addition to the menu the last two years -- jazz.  The event began with the wishes of a woman with cancer wanting to celebrate her life with family and friends now rather than waiting for people to gather at a funeral.  Johnnie Lockett Thomas organized and attended her first "wake" last year and had a great time at the 2nd Annual JLT Wake this past spring.  Everyone in attendance is hoping and looking forward to a 3rd Annual event during the 2008 BHS.  The video clip is a small sampling of what the audiences enjoyed.  The clip was shot at the Custer County Art Center.