Faces of Lent

Students in the third and fourth grade room are just back from Ash Wednesday Mass.


 The junior high students aren't to be out done in the photo department. The Ash Wednesday crosses always show up better if your hair style happens to be pulled back like Nicki and LaRae's. Mason's just shows up.


Fat Tuesday Celebration

 Before Ash Wednesday, the school celebrated Fat Tuesday with the traditional 1st and 2nd grade parade. Mrs. Stanley and Jordan work on turning a rolling ladder into a Mardi Gras float.


 Each year the school enjoys a piece of King Cake -- from the heart of the true deep south. In addition to cake (Mrs. Stanley got the baby piece this year -- in fact it is her relatives that send the cake up north each year) these sixth grade girls made pop corn. Sara holds the bag while Anna fills it and Jennifer waits to give the girls another sack to fill.