The 8th Grade Class of 2002

In many cases the recognition of students completing the 8th grade and moving to high school is a thing of the past, but for Sacred Heart School this is an important time as we bid our senior students goodbye and good luck. This year's group was one of the best I've had the opportunity to work with and they will be truly missed. Congratulations to Nicole, Matt C., Ross, Matt F., Rich, Nicki, Sara, Mason, Garrett, and teacher Mrs. Anderson who does a superior job getting the students ready for high school. Also pictured, Father McTaugue.

Bart Freese principal teacher

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 Congratulations 8th Grade

Following the Graduation Mass, the students sang to the congregation as the 8th grade students provided the back-up music on electric, bass, and acoustic guitars, flutes, trumpets, and drums. This was under the direction of music teacher Mr. Henneberry.

 The kindergarten graduates with caps sang with teacher Mrs. Ashley.  
 Each graduate received their diploma from Father McTaugue including 8th grader (not to be mistaken for one of the kindergartners) Nicki.

 Father McTaugue awarded the diplomas to the kindergartners. Originally our visiting Priest Father Christopher Hayden was to celebrate the graduation Mass, but he had to return to Ireland.  
 After the Mass, the families returned to the school for a celebration. Here the mothers of the 8th graders lined up for a congratulatory photo op.  

 The 7th graders help prepare the 8th grade and kindergarten graduations. LaRae and Nikki handle the cutting of the cake.  
 Members of the Nelson family look over the graduates' photo posters.  
 Ross looks over some of the many cards he received congratulating him.  
 Matthew and Samuel enjoy the cake and the feeling of success as they celebrate their kindergarten graduation. These two have many years of school ahead of them and many successes and graduations.