"Miracle on Bethlehem Street"

This year's school Christmas play tells of how a rather greedy inn keeper turned away Mary and Joseph in an effort to make big money off of kings and other important people. Little did the inn keeper know who was staying in his manger.

Mr. Henneberry directs the students in the final song.

   Time for staff meeting. Anna hits the cymbal to gather Celina, Mia, Emily, Jennifer, and Jessica. Benjamin the inn keeper (played by Garrett) and wife Rachel (played by Katlin) listen to plans for an improved inn. The goal is to make more money, but Rachel is not so sure that is such a great idea.

 With the inn readied the clerks (played by Chelsea and Delsie) make sure that only the finest of people are checking in at the inn which has a new name to go along with its new image -- Motel VI where they will leave the lamp lit for you.

The traditional costuming is used for the play -- bathrobes. It has worked for years.

   The inn's number-one staff person (Anna) welcomes the type of guests the new inn really wants to attract -- kings! Unfortunately for the inn the kings have no interest in staying. Instead their interest lies in the manger out back.
   Once Mary and Joseph find a place for Jesus to be born, everyone comes to visit from poor shepherds (Josh, Toby-Jean, Toni, and Kelly) to three kings (Austin, La Rae, and Sara). Jake played Joseph and Autumn was our Mary. Also pictured (sitting in green) is the inn's servant played by Robert.


Stage extras. A play is not complete without some added color including Mason (above) as a rather hungry guest, and Nicki (left) as a desert thief.

   With the end of the play (we don't have to tell you how it came out) parents gather brothers, sisters, cousins for group photos. Knowing Christmas is just around the corner, kids manage to find a little extra patience for the impromptu photo sessions.
   This picture could be next year's Christmas card.