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  MARS RANCH is located near Miles City in eastern Montana, situated along the banks of the beautiful Yellowstone River. We live in a fairly harsh climate, receiving an average of 14 inches of precipitation per year. Temperature extremes aren't unusual, being that Miles City can be the coldest or the hottest location in the nation. The landscape can vary from rugged badlands to extensive open farm ground to pine hills. Fortunately, most of our ranch is irrigated pasture so we have not been as adversely affected by the extended drought as dryland ranches in this area. Our cattle and horses are able to graze lush green pastures into September, while most of eastern Montana can be brown and dry by mid-July. Spring, summer and fall are spent irrigating, haying, rotating animals between pastures and maintaining fences to keep them where they are supposed to be.

MARS RANCH is a true family operation. The kids help with all aspects of the business; they are an integral part of ranch activities. Irrigating wouldn't be as much fun without splashing through deep water, catching minnows and collecting slugs while working. Besides providing a lot of projects to work on together, the ranch does present us with a wealth of recreational opportunities. Fishing and swimming in the Yellowstone, hunting of deer and pheasants, trail riding, and skating and swimming in the irrigation ditches can all be accessed on our ranch.

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