Joan Jett


All I want to say is that some little girls wanted to be Madonna, I wanted to be Joan Jett! She was the one person who made me dream that I could do anything. She was and is still a great musician. Her rough voice and gritty appeal is what makes her better then some of her male counterparts. She was the first woman to play rock in my eyes (I know there were other like "Heart"), but she with 'take no prisoners' attitude. "I love Rock n' Roll" is a classic and "I Hate Myself for Loving You" reminds me of some of my old boyfriends. I knew she did some acting too. I remember her in a movie with Michael J. Fox. They were in a band called "The Barbusters". She also had a small part in The Highlander series as the first female immortal, I think.



And almost from the other side of the tracks is STRYPER. Great band in their time and with a worthy cause. They paved the way for many other bands to sing and play with somekind of meaning. Stryper was great when I needed my fears calmed and my spirit raised. I have everyone of their recording that they have ever done. Ok, I have ALMOST every recording they have ever done. And even now, their solo efforts have the mark of Stryper all over them. So it is safe to say that they were one of those bands that will live in my heart for some time. I don't think I need to say that I thought they were a cool band in appearence and proforming. But the sad part about this is... they almost didn't make it onto this page. I have been visiting several of their messege boards of the different projects that they have been involved in. I can say it does not look good. Many of their fans just don't get it. So I encourage you NOT to go to these messege boards, some of their fans just don't know when to let it go.

Joey Tempest


I have to bring this band back from the old page. What can I say? I'm 1/4 swedish.
EUROPE was a band that was unlike any other band out there. They could rock with the best of them. But on the other hand they could also do ballads like alot of could not. After blasting onto the seen with "The Final Countdown", they showed many that they could rock with the best of them. No, I don't think this was just another 'pretty boy' band.
Speaking of Joey Tempest...
Just because I have a picture of him here.
If you have a chance to listen to some of his solo work I would suggest it. "A Place To Call Home" and "Azalea Place" are great! They are a little lower key then EUROPE's stuff but you can still hear some of that style. The only bad part about his solo efforts are that they can only be gotten as imports right now. Oh, by the way, I heard he got married so I wish them all the luck and love in the world.

Edgar Winter


I have enjoyed Edgar's music for years now. He has a vocal and playing style like that of no other. His blend of rock and jazz is the best I have heard.
He will be forever remembered for great songs like "Free Ride" (which was written by the late Dan Hartman) and "Frankenstein" (one of the best intermentals of all time).
One of the best recording I have heard of his is the "Mission Earth" soundtrack. I didn't read the book it was based on but my brother did and he said it was true to form. But that CD shows people his different styles and influences. My favorite song off that recording is "Teach Me", that song is one of the best love songs I have heard.
Speaking of love, Edgar's love affair with his wife is one of the best romances I have seen. I'm hoping I would be so lucky.

Shaun Cassidy


Wait!!!!! How did he get on here?
Ok, I guess the 'cat's out of the bag'. I had the biggest crush on him (Shaun, that is, not the cat).
I guess all this talk about love and romance took me back to the first guy I wanted to get married to. Yea, I know, take a number stand in line.
With hits like "Da Roo Run Run", "Hey Deanie" and "Hard Love", Shaun Cassidy was teen-age girl's dream. Well, I was not quite a teen-ager but I still remember him with fondness. In fact, the album "Under Wraps" was given to me by my sister and soon to be husband, Bob. That was the coolest (sorry, neatest) gift I ever got.


One of the favorite bands I have not heard from in years. They were suppose to put out an album years ago, but it never happened. All I can do is link you to their MySpace Pages...(maybe they can tell you more then they would tell me.)

Kenny Marquez on MySpace
Luis Cardenas on MySpace
Tony Dela Rosa on MySpace