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An e-mail from Laurie Skerritt of Missoula, Mt.
Dated 7/18/2006.

Dear Laurlee-

I had to write you- and tell you that I just finished your book- it was WONDERFUL!!!! I loved it and could not put it down, once I found the time to pick it up and read it. I am ready to read the sequel! :-) You are an amazing writer and are definitely gifted in this area. Steve will start reading it next. He is even more intrigued since I was picking it up with every spare moment that I had. Please let me know when there is more to read!

Also- Kim Trangmoe emailed me some wedding pictures. Either Steve or I will forward them on to you soon so that you can add them to the site. They are really good and we were excited to receive them. Some of the pics are of parents, etc. so you can feel free to add what you want. How are things going for you? I imagine that you are keeping rather busy between work and writing. Oh- I saw some things in your book that reminded me of you and Glendive: It involved Jesse's work as a DJ at the local radio station.

Again- your book is awesome. I seriously want to read the next in this series and will be waiting to do so. Please keep me posted!


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