Peter Thomas Barton was born in New York in 1956. He would move on to be a talent and a wonderful actor.

Acting credits are:
The Powers of Matthew StarSeries1982-1983
The First TimeTV Movie1982
Friday the 13th, The Final ChapterMovie1984
The Young and the RestlessCBS soap opera1988-1993
Burke's LawCBS series1994-1995
University Hospital1995
Sunset BeachNBC soap opera1997
The Facts of Lifeguest
The Love Boatguest
Pacific Blueguest

I don't know what else to say about him. The pictures speak for themselves.

If I had to pick a favorite show he was in it still would be "The Powers of Matthew Star". I guess this show is my favorite because it was the first time I ever saw him. I thought he did some good acting in the soap operas that he was in but he was not the star so it was hard for me to stay loyal to them. I was not a big Horror movie fan so I didn't see him those either. But I did watch, I taped, most of Burke's Law and Matthew Star. "The Powers of Matthew Star" was a teenager going up different. So I guess that is why I liked it so much. I was a teenager at the time and I understood what it ment to be a loner. Sorry for the older pictures but I just think he was a handsome young man. He looks pretty good now but his younger pictures just have a light about them.


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