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Some Background to the Series.

Jesse Knight is Prince E'Falco. He is heir to the throne of the planet know as Quadstar, but times are changing. For the first time of the known Royal Family, the heir is not out for the blood of his father. The current rein is a peaceful one. Life is trying to return to normal after a war with another race and years of occupation.
But is it? And what is Normal?

With the return of Prince E'Falco, will come a new way of thinking.
Maybe even a glance at a new way of life. He will also bring a sence of curiousity with him. The Prince will question the evolution of his world and religion of his own people as they know it.

So he, his family and friends, will challenge the notion of the future and take their own distiny in their hands. They will find where they came from and unravel the tales of old that will open their very own future.

The Knightbird will be a part of all the truth.

To Inspire...

The inspration for Jesse comes from a very likly spot...the Television. When you see someone that just totally takes your breath away, it is worth noting. Now a days, it would be some someone like Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, or Brad Pitt, but in my day...it was Peter.

Yes, Peter was seen in a Sci-Fi series that could have easily have been the fore father to this series. I have done what I could to shy away from that. It still does not change the fact that is was Peter's good looks that started it all.

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