On May 6th, 1875 a ship named the S.S. Cimbria docked in New York City from Hamburg, Germany (Prussia). It unloaded it's cargo, people looking for a new life in a new land. There was a small group that would forever change our lives, if it was not for them some of us (most of us) would not be here. I'm speaking of Joseph Harbig, his brother Alois, and their familys.

Joseph Harbig
The Passenger List of the S.S. Cimbria
Alois Harbig29MaleSLDR
Anna Harbig24FemaleWIFE
Alois Harbig06MaleINFANT
Josef Harbig32MaleSLDR
Maria Harbig30FemaleWIFE
Emil Harbig4MaleCHILD
Louis Harbig2FeamleCHILD

My source for this is a book called "Germans to America" Vol. 32 January 1875 - September 1876. Also I have good copy of the original passenger list from the National Archives in Washington D.C.

Writers Note: I have found a problem with this list. Josef (or Joseph) was suppose to have come over with three children, not just two. And his wife's name was not "Maria", it was Henrietta . I have tried to follow both familys, this is important, because doing so I have found no evidence that there even was an"Alois Jr.". I believe that Anna was helping Henrietta with the children when they arrived and though all the confusion the names were mixed up.

What happen between New York and Minnesota is not clear, I have no records of that time. All I do know is that it took them a little more then a year before the birth of Joseph and Henrietta's next child. She was born in Elizabeth in November of 1876 and he name was Clara Bertha Harbig. Joseph and Henrietta would go on to have more children, here is the list of all thier children:

Henrietta Anna Arendt
The Children of Joseph Harbig & Henrietta Anna Arendt
Frances Mary HarbigFemale
Emil Joseph HarbigMale
Elizabeth Louis HarbigFemale
Clara Bertha HarbigFemale
Ernest HarbigMale
Rudolph Reinhardt HarbigMale
William George Rudolf HarbigMale
Henrietta Martha HarbigFemale
Rudolph Reinhardt Harbig would die as a baby. His excestence would only be known by his name on the 1880 census and the fact he was buried by his mother near Elizabeth, Minnesota. His grave was discovered by my father and his sister several years back.

For most of her life, Mary (Frances) would stay in Minnesota. She would lose her first husband under mysterious conditions. They would have 4 children before the time of his death. Mary would remarry and try to have three more children, who would not survive.

Frances Mary Harbig Robbins Korthals Emil and William would follow the railroad across North Dakota and settle in the north western area of the state. Emil would marry twice and have two boys. Neither of his boys would marry or have familys. Emil died in Crosby, North Dakota. William would follow the railroad as a black-smith and marry only once (I guess he really loved grandma). Grandpa William would have nine children, of which one would my father. Grandpa would move back to Joseph's homestead near Elizabeth, Minnesota in his latter life and there he would pass away.

Elizabeth Harbig would only go as far as Fargo, North Dakota and marry only once. She would have two boys of which both would go on to have family's of thier own. Joseph would pass away while living with her.

Clara Bertha Harbig would marry only once and end up in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. She would have nine children and one really large family.

Ernest Harbig would end up in Idaho. He would marry twice (both sisters, as I was informed by my father's sister). He would have five children and one step-son. Only two of his children would survive to have family's of thier own.

Henrietta Martha Harbig would go to the state of Washington and marry twice. Her son would be the one that would start the family research. He is not alive today but it is his notes that I would use as a basis for my research.

Alois and Anna would go on to have children too. This list would be taken from a probate deed on Alios's estate recorded on August 18th, 1902. After the second of both of the parent's had past away:
The Children of Alois (Alvis) and Anna Harbig
Louis HarbigFemale
Mary HarbigFemale
Anna HarbigFemale
Frank HarbigMale

I have found no other information on this family.

William Harbig is my grandfather and his youngest son, John Harbig, is my dad. If you have any information about this family, please contact me. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this page. I would love to hear from all family members or even family I have not met yet.

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