The Grand Assembly of Zanny wanna-be Elves Relishing Skywise
The center of the GAZERS universe is a cute little guy by the name of Skywise. He is a real ladies elf, a regular cassanova. If I am not mistaken, I believe a good number of GAZERS are ladies (like myself). The GAZERS is a group that was founded some time ago, our moderator is Fairlight (with a little help from his girlfriend, Skylace). We as GAZERS talk about Skywise as if he was real and if I would not know better he is.

Skywise comes straight out of a story called ElfQuest. This series was started over 20 years ago by a wife and husband team, Wendy & Richard Pini. Now it has many fans from all over the world and from many walks of life. As far as I'm concerned it is about life it self. Because the story touches off on many of lifes different situations. I can't talk enough about this series, the art and the story telling is some of the best I have seen in years.

Speaking of ElfQuest here is a couple websites that are up for the rest of you to check out. Yes, they are up, I check them out myself:

Or The GAZERS Site

All ElfQuest characters are copyrighted by WaRP Graphics.


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