What Colour is your Personality???

These pictures were up for sell but for some reason they didn't but I liked how they turned out anyway.


Greens like their success.
They are the lucky ones with ambition to show for it.
Greens are shy and tender people that love the land.
They counter act against greed and jealousy.


Red is the color of extreme passion.
They tend to anger easy but are extreme romantics.
They believe "Don't get mad, get even".
They are your hard workers that believe in the job and doing it right.
They like to be alone with ones that they admire.


Pink is the color of your happiness.
They are full of affection and romantic love. Pinks can be true friends and healers.
They have one down side, they are also vain. Everyone know at least one pink person.


Oranges are your peace-makers.
They believe in justice and the law.
Oranges are full of action & ambition and they stimulate others into action as well.
They are the color of your local warriors and people of truth.


White is the *color of purity, pure of heart, mind and spirit.
They listen to authority and are true believers in that authority.
They are true to their faith and are your church goers.
True virginity.


Blue is the color of honor and loyalty.
They are deep and look for deeper meaning instead of taking it for it's outer shell.
They believe in peace and tranquility.
Blue's love water and the peace that it brings.


Purple is the color of a mystery.
They hide their inner self from others.
They are more likly to depend on gut instinct.
They are people behind the people in high places.
Purples are amazed with space.


Yellow is the color of true happiness.
They are your jesters, the people that make you laugh.
They have a special charm about them. I guess you can say some of your con artists are a bit yellow.
They talk with a smile on their faces and a light in their eyes.
Some say they are easy to break.


Browns are your pet lovers.
They are also open minded and are at peace most of the time.
Browns are locators of lost items and protectors of familiar things, like household things and pets.


Black is the *color of the shapeshifters.
They are for the most part are loners, if they are not alone they perfer their own.
They are soft at heart and like to be different then the others and it shows.
They either banish or attract negative forces.

*White and Black are not real colors, they are neutrals.

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