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Here are some Major Characters for the series.

There are well over 30 characters in this story so here are just a few of the major players to keep in mind.

Jesse Knight (aka Prince E'Falco)

E'Falco was brought to Earth by his father's life long friend to escape a war on their home world of Quadstar. He was given the name "Jesse Knight" so that he would blend in better.

Frank (aka J'Lon)

J'Lon grew up with the King E'Mor on Quadstar. He was bought as a slave by E'Mor's father and came to befriend E'Mor at an early age. He vowed to protect E'Falco when the war with the Floats broke out. He took the common name of "Frank" while he was on Earth.

Daniel Bouy (aka Danny Boy)

Long time best friend of Jesse Knight. Daniel was born an albino, but that has never slowed him down. Daniel is from Louisianna and is very much a southern gentleman.

King E'Mor

King E'Mor was the current reining king at the time of the war with the Floats. He is also the father of seven sons and one daughter. Prince E'Falco is his youngest son.

Queen Na'Diea

Mother to E'Falco and E'Anna. She was born and raised on a planet named Nest'Lea. Na'Diea was King E'Mor's last wife.


Twin to E'Falco, her where abouts are unknown by most...except by J'ar. She was sent to the temples to be raised in secret for her safety.

Cry'Star, The Emperor Father

He is the eldest of all of King E'Mor's children. Over 900 years old, he has earned the right to be Emperor Father of what is left of the Trillen race. The Trillens are cat-like in appearence.


He is the adopted son to Cry'Star. Rozz is a throw back to the old style Trillen. He is smaller then most, can run on all fours and has a tail. Rozz is a gunner and one of the best.

J'ar, The Emperor of Thieves

He is King E'Mor's third eldest. J'ar is the owner of the bar known as "The Crazy Dragon". He is also a known criminal, but there is no proof of it.


Bar maid at "The Crazy Dragon" and the wife to J'ar. She is short in size, but makes up for it in attitude.

Drago, The Dragon Master

E'Mor's second to the youngest son. He is a real playboy, but an great rider.

Captain J'orge

Captain the the Quadstar Space Armada. He is one the the first to help Prince E'Falco when he returns to Quadstar.

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