~ Claim the Soul of a Knightbird ~

(working title)
















This is the original idea for the book.
Stories shift and what was a good idea...
can change and there for
changing the whole story line.

The mysteries of Ara Gara are explored and they do not match up with the records with the record from the ship "Lovejoy". E'Falco inlist the help of one of his brothers, Wave Jammer. One the orginal ships went down in a place called the "Forbidden Corel". E'Falco will ask Jammer to go there with some of his finest aquedics and retreave the information from the ship there. Both E'Falco and Daniel know that this is the ship due to the corel reef that it had made and there is a ship there. The information from the ship is retreaved and the secret of the "Forbidden Corel" is revealed.

It is said the the old King E'Mir is still alive and he comes to lay claim to E'Falco. But he does not come alone, he comes with Mar'Anda and Daja (a Cas'ka albino that is said to have been the first King of Quadstar's advisor - nothing is backing this).

E'Mor and E'Mir square off again, this time over E'Falco. E'Mir tryes to plant the seed of doubt in E'Falco. He tells him that his father will kill him before he ever gets the chance to reach the throne. E'Mor brings P'Cock, the Bird Master and E'Falco's grandfather, in on this hoping to reassure E'Falco he has nothing to worry about. Bringing grandfather and grandson together for the first time.

J'ar takes the chance to give Mar'Anda his due for burning him. It is a blood bath with J'ar in the middle and enjoying his victory.

Daniel will go one on one over E'Falco's very soul with Daja. The truth is revealed that Daniel and E'Falco are more connected then they thought. Daniel's blood line leads back to Daja's exciled sisters (10 generations removed). Daniel's christian faith keeps him grounded and his friendship secure with E'Falco.

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