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The chapter posted is part of the rough draft and prior to edit.

E'Falco finds a connection to his mother when he comes in contact with some of her personal items.

The world of Cas'ka has found them and insises that they (Quadstar) was set up as a remote outpost for them. The Cas'kan Royal Family has all but died out but the stories are still there. With the raising of the ship "Lovejoy", the Quadstarian find out the real truth behind arrival of Cas'ka. The twins go to their (Quadstar's) own legends to find the truth.

All things are pointed to the oldest temple on Quadstar, the temple of Ara Gara. The facts are not matching at the temple about the past of Quadstar.

Chapter Eight

After a small walk around the camp, Daniel decided it was time for a nap and he headed for their tent. E'Falco saw this coming so he decided to call on his father. Lyn'Lyn job as E'Falco personal guard would place him with E'Falco as he made his call.

The Com unit that the camp had was a crude one, but it would do the job. So E'Falco entered the communication tent and relieved the operator of his duties for awhile. With some help from Lyn'Lyn, E'Falco was passing his personal code through the unit and a familiar swirling vision came to light. It was J'Lon.

"So how are things going at the camp?" J'Lon's vision asked.

"Things are going well, but..." E'Falco trailed off.

"But what? Nobody is hurt? Where is Daniel?" J'Lon's voice now turned to concern.

E'Falco giggled, "Daniel is fine...Lyn'Lyn is fine...and yes, Thanks for asking...I'm fine too."

"Oh...you had me concerned there for a moment," J'Lon replied. "I just do not know what we would do without Daniel."

"You are so funny..." E'Falco replied. "Now how do I turn this thing off?"

"E'Falco!" J'Lon said loudly.

"Alright then, Lord Lev'n's funding is being pulled because of Lord Sharpeye."

"I knew something like this was going to happen. Lord Lev'n must be beside himself?" J'Lon asked.

"Yes, he was. Told him that I would check in with you and see what could be done."

"I will speak to your father about this."

"How is dad? and the talks?"

"Your father is not giving them an inch to move. They keep claiming that we are a remote outpost and that we are truly under their rule. I see some common life styles between us, but that is all. I do not believe that they have the man power to take us on in a war. They seem to want to deal with Siff'el more then your father. For some reason they are not recognizing his authority. This could be their down fall, your father will not be ignored."

"I feel for dad..." E'Falco stated.

"You miss him...I know," J'Lon replied with.

"Yes, I do. Is there something you want me to do while I'm here at the dig."

"Stay out of trouble. That would be a big help to all of us," J'Lon said with a slight smile.

E'Falco could see this, even in the Com vision.

"I better go and get Daniel from his nap. Lord Lev'n didn't sleep at all last night so we sent him to bed too. I do want to hear more about this Temple, so we are meeting over supper this evening."

"E'Falco, you are missed here. Do not forget that. Give Daniel my love...I believe your father is thinking about him as well."

"How so," E'Falco asked.

He could feel something was going on and he was hoping J'Lon would give him a clue, but no such luck.

"You will see later. It is something your father has been wanting to do for a long time. It started when he first met Daniel. He knew Daniel would be a the right person for the job," J'Lon said, but then he must have decided he had said enough. "Do not let on to Daniel that your father has plans for him. We have not worked out the details as of yet."

"Alright, if that is what you want, but Daniel is going to pick up on it sooner or later. He is good at that," E'Falco replied.

Before E'Falco could say anything else, J'Lon cut him off.

"No, you're the one who is curious, not Daniel. I know both of you to well," J'Lon said with a smile. "And with that, I really must go. Your father is expecting me. Stay out of trouble. Do you hear me?"

"Yes...I hear you," E'Falco stated loudly.

"Good," J'Lon said and on that note, the vision of him swirled away.

E'Falco was left with his own thoughts. Going to get Daniel would be a good idea, but mentioning what J'Lon had told him…may not be. Besides if J'Lon found out, and from past experience E'Falco knew he would found out, there would not be a place anyway in the galaxy he could hide from him.

"Why do I put myself in such positions," he whispered to himself.

Just then the flap of the tent opened. It was Lyn'Lyn with the Com Operator. The breeze rushed in and it felt good. E'Falco could not believe how hot it got in the Com tent in such a short time.

"I believe this young man's break is over now," Lyn'Lyn said with a smile.

E'Falco sighed and stood up. He knew Lyn'Lyn was right and it was time to wander on.

"I guess your right. I have taken up to much of young gentleman's time," E'Falco replied.

Lyn'Lyn parted way from the entrance to allow him to exit. The operator bowed as E'Falco did and he got a smile in return. E'Falco stepped to one side and gestured for the operator to enter.

"Something is going on at home that J'Lon is not telling me," E'Falco finally said as they were walking away.

"Maybe he did not want to disclose anything until he was sure. J'Lon also knows there are a few people who do not need to know anymore then they should," Lyn'Lyn said.

E'Falco stopped walking.

"Are you saying he does not want me to know because he doesn’t trust me?" E'Falco asked.

"No, he does not know who else could be listening. The Com Unit is an open channel even with high class security," Lyn'Lyn replied as he passed him.

"Oh yea, I knew that," E'Falco said thinking this could have been one of his blond moments. "Sorry, I thought I was brunette."

E'Falco noticed the camp was busy with loading and unloading supplies. He watched as vehicles were passing by. For some reason, he thought there should have been more...more food and equipment for the dig. He took a mental count of the number of tents in camp and there were fewer then when they arrived. This must have been one of many stresses of Lord Lev'n. It has to be the budget cuts he was speaking of, but one thing at a time.

"Let us go and get our red headed step child," E'Falco said as he passed Lyn'Lyn.

"I thought we were going to wake Daniel?" Lyn'Lyn asked.

"We are," E'Falco replied. "Long story, I'll tell you about it sometime."

Lyn'Lyn only shook his head and followed his charge. E'Falco knew he threw Lyn'Lyn a curve ball and he missed it altogether.

The tent was still when E'Falco pulled back the flap to enter. After a moment he realized he was trying to be quiet, but why? He was there to wake him, so he went and sat on his bed to find Daniel was not even there. He looked at Lyn'Lyn, who was standing in the doorway. He reached over and flicked on the light.

"Are you looking for me, Bubba?" Daniel asked.

E'Falco looked toward the source of the voice. Daniel was sitting in low chair over in the corner of the tent.

"Did you enjoy your nap?" E'Falco asked.

Lyn'Lyn entered and poured two classes of water. He gave one to E'Falco and started to drink the other.

"Hey now, your spoiling him and I won't have any of that,” Daniel said out loud. "And yea, I enjoyed my nap."

"Spoiling me?" E'Falco asked. "Who is? Not you, that is for sure."

"Well someone has to keep you grounded," Daniel said with a giggle. "Your head is big enough as is."

"Ah, so you're the one who is walking around with the stick pin"

"Yea..." Daniel said. "Someone has to deflate your ego."

"And you think you're the one, huh? My ego should not be on the front of your mind."

"Oh…" Daniel perked up. "Is Stor'e on the market again?"

Lyn'Lyn started to cough and E'Falco offered him some more water, but he declined it.

"I'll take that as a no," Daniel whispered.

"No, what I was referring to was the flow of supplies?" E'Falco asked. "Some of the tents have come down and it looks like the labor is leaving."

"Yea, I did notice that when I was coming back for my nap," Daniel said nursing his drink. "You don't think the budget is being cut this fast?"

"I think it is," E'Falco replied.

"Maybe I can help with that," Lyn'Lyn suggested regaining his composure. "My father might be able to tap into some of the supplies we use for the estate."

"That's not going to short your family is it?" E'Falco asked as he was getting a little excited.

"No, it should not," Lyn'Lyn replied. "Father, would do anything to pull a fast one on Lord Sharpeye. But…" he stopped talking.

"But what?" Daniel asked as he sat up.

"But I was sent here as an armed guard for the Prince," Lyn'Lyn replied losing a little steam.

"But what if the Prince was to pass back by the Com Unit again on his way to meet Lord Lev'n for dinner," E'Falco said low under his breath.

"And what if the friend to the Prince was to meet up with him right in front of the Com Unit," Daniel said with a smile.

"Then technically, the Prince's personal guard would not out of his presence," Lyn'Lyn said with a whisper.

"Give us about ten before you head out," E'Falco said as he put his glass down and stood up to leave.

"Aye, aye Captain…" Daniel said and he saluted.

E'Falco shook his head as he walked out of the tent with Lyn'Lyn right behind him. He was thinking of their younger years when Daniel was a lot wilder. E'Falco was happy Daniel came to Quadstar. It made him feel much better having someone who really knew him around. He started too lost in deep thought as they walked across the camp.

"Ah, they took down all my flags," Lyn'Lyn said.

It was then a feeling hit E'Falco. It was familiarly strange. This was the place he first felt it. There was something big and it was about the surface.

**Pezr ge zr. V frrq iem ge uryd zr. Dyrnar, pezr. **

The voice was in his mind, it was like a bad headache. It was weird and yet…it was something he had heard or experienced. He could not put his finger on it.

**V xfek iem. Iem pnf uryd zr. V frrq iem ge uryd zr. **

No, E'Falco thought. It is only the wind or a migraine coming on. This is not happening.

"Your highness?" Lyn'Lyn asked. "Are you alright?"

"Yea...I think so," E'Falco said hoarsely.

"You stopped went frigid. I did not want to break you out of a trance, if you were in one," Lyn'Lyn replied as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

The real feeling was what E'Falco needed to bring him back to the here and now. He was breathing hard and he felt the sweat running down his face. The smell of sweet flowers was in air as he and Lyn'Lyn stood in a half empty camp. He looked at Lyn'Lyn and tried to talk, but the words did not come at first. Then he found his second wind.

"Let's get to the Com Unit. I'm sure Daniel has beaten us there," he said.

"Very well. Not to mention, Lord Lev'n will be waiting for us at the main tent," Lyn'Lyn said with a shaky voice.

E'Falco could tell this was scaring Lyn'Lyn. It was hard enough to fight a seen opponent, but to fight or save someone from the unseen was a different story all together. He also knew Lyn'Lyn took his position here very seriously. Then he realized what Lyn'Lyn had said.

"What do you mean by Lord Lev'n is waiting?" he asked.

"Are you sure you are alright, E'Falco? You have been standing here for some time gazing off into nothing," Lyn'Lyn replied. "I was about to send for Daniel. I do not have any experience in putting you back from where ever it is you go in your own mind."

Lyn'Lyn was right on both accounts. The sun had changed it’s position in the sky and it was now about to set. How could he have been standing there for that long of time? Only moments passed for him, when it seem it passed faster for the world. What was going on?

"Daniel, let's go and find Daniel," E'Falco finally said.

Lyn'Lyn nodded, but still was not sure what to think about all this. E'Falco could not explain anything to him. Again, he was not sure what had happened.

The few steps from the spot he was standing were tough, but he got his bearings back and they headed the rest of the way to the Com Unit tent. When they arrived they met up with one flustered, Daniel.

"Where in the hell have you been?" Daniel asked a little cross. "I have been waiting for about thirty minutes to an hour."

"Go and place your call," E'Falco said as he turned to Lyn'Lyn. "We'll wait for you and when your done we'll head for the Main Tent."

Lyn'Lyn nodded and ducked inside. E'Falco turned back to Daniel to try and explain what had happened. Daniel listened intently. He was not sure what to make of the missing time.

"Lyn'Lyn was standing right there with you the whole time?" Daniel asked.

"Yea," he replied.

"You heard the strange voice and in your mind it was only a couple of seconds."


"Were you abducted by aliens?" Daniel asked.

"Oh yea! Now there is a strange concept considering where we are." E'Falco responded.

"No..." Daniel said. "I mean, the only time I have heard about 'missing time' is in alien abductions."

"As stupid as that might sound, how come it's not out of the question," E'Falco said as he turned his back on Daniel, placed his hand on his hips out to frustration and stared deep into what was left of the camp.

Something deep in the back of mind told E'Falco it was going to be a long evening, as well as night. He could see the Main Tent from he was standing. He watched as several of the camp workers were undoing the ties on the sides of the tent. They pulled it away from the ground and threw the sides of the tent on top, leaving a nice view of the temple. E'Falco sighed and knew it was time to try and find some answers.

"Why do I think Lord Lev'n has an interesting evening in store for us," he finally said as he looked back at Daniel.

He was standing looking at his friend with his arms crossed and for some reason a look of understanding was on his face.

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