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Some background to the book.

This is the first story in the "Knightbird Series". It is about the life, the loves, and the determination of an extraordinary individual by the name of Jesse Knight. Jesse was raised in an average home as most would see it. He has a best friend, Daniel and a guardian, Frank. Jesse's friendship with Daniel is special and close. Daniel is to kind to point out every little flaw that Jesse would have. If there were ever two friends that were so opposite of each other, these two are.

There is a part of Jesse that even Daniel would not know of. You see, Jesse has the blood of kings running through his veins. He was entrusted with the Power of the Royals being that he is a decent of the kings of his birth planet. Jesse was not born on Earth but brought here to be raised by his father's best friend. They came to Earth to escape a war that tore into their home planet. Everything about Jesse has an Earth touch, everything but his violet eyes.

Just past Jesse's 29th birthday, a ghost from his past would find his way here to Earth. The arrival of Jesse's eldest brother makes it clear that it is time to go back to their home world to make their stand. Through a twist of fate, Jesse and company find out that the war is over and that their people had won. Another important fact they find out is that the king, Jesse's father, is still alive.

Jesse will decide to leave his name behind and adopt his birth name. He will find a family that he only dreamed about. His arrival on his home planet will be just as unique as his birth. Jesse's life is about to change at a time when he should know himself.

His dreams are being haunted by a young lady of unknown origin. She whispers to him about the man he longs to be. Jesse now has to make a decision which lady he wants, His ex-girlfriend, Pamala, or this dream girl he is not even sure exist. What of this "Lady in White" that he had seen in the Plaza. How does she tie into all this?

There are others as well. Other that would use Jesse for there own selfish reasons. So then his brothers must fights to keep him, brothers he had never met. Dragons will face off with shuttles and brothers will rally for one of their own.

This adventure will come to an end but there are still many questions that need to be answered. So the story goes on.

~ Book Stats ~

ISBN #1-4137-9811-X
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Number of pages: 168
Published Date: July 2006
Book website: Provided by - Published Authors
Book Price & Format: Trade Paperback(5.5 X 8.5) about-$19.95

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