I thought I would try to go back to the basic and show you some of my sketches here.

This is a part of a picture called "Like Father, Like Son". It show how the son is still wanting to be part on his father yet looking away to show independence. Like Father, Like Son

This are a couple of sketches I did of Skywise from the ElfQuest series. The young Skywise was the first sketch I submitted to the GAZERS. The second picture is a "What if?". What if Skywise didn't lose his wolf blood but lost his elf blood instead.
Skywise sketches

These are a couple of drawings I did that were, in the end, going to be painting.
This was based on a dream I had about a set of twins. There was a quite a story behind it to. If I was a writer, I'm sure it would have made for some interesting sci-fi reading.
the Twins

This is a picture of Michael Sweet from the band Stryper. I worked this picture for a few days to make it look like him. I have a hard time drawing real people.
Michael Sweet

If you want to see some of Sheryl Schopfer's work you can go to her website at Sheryl Schopfer's homepage