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The author, Paul Gebow, was a Vietnam veteran who came back from Vietnam in the summer of 1966. He waited one year and wrote the first ode, but did not show it to anyone and sat on it for yet another 30 years. He then wrote eight more odes in the years 1997-1999. After pondering about it for another year he did a copyright on his work. It was not until the year 2006 that he started editing and proofing the odes and finally decided to put it in book form. The final book, "Odes to Vietnam Vets", was finished in April 2007 and Star Printing of Miles City, Montana handled the printing.

Paul dedicated his book "to those who did not come back", and it is evident throughout this book that there are different levels of loss, which he covers in the nine odes.

Having served as a medic in Vietnam, Paul wrote about what he personally experienced, what he saw in others, what he heard others say about their time served, and the general effect that war has on a soldier. This book does not only apply to the Vietnam Vet, but to any veteran or soldier who has served in any war.

The book covers the war in the eyes of a medic, dealing with the reality of death and helping to save the wounded, and all the horrific things that happen in a war zone.

One of the primary areas mentioned is "P.T.S.D", or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was hoped by the author that reading such material may be helpful and healing to any veteran or any relative of a veteran who has gone through the "hell of war".

Please visit our "About the Book" page to see some examples of the passages in our book, and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have regarding the book, the subject or the author.

Sadly, Paul passed away unexpectedly in 2011. We will sorely miss him.

"I am sad to say that Paul Gebow has passed away but as
Paul's wife, I want to continue to make available his book.
He was and always will be My Brave Warrior.


Janice Gebow


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