Early days, settlers in Fairview, Richland Co.

Naming of the town

MonDak life


Early transportation

Snowden Bridge

Early days of rail

Murder, mayhem in the region

Fairviews early beginnings

Ferries of the river


Old timer George S. (Shorty) Otis

Early days of coal

Mining incidents, accidents recalled

Fairview Coal Co.

Fairview Brick Yard

1917 Jennison takes over brickyard

Power comes to city of Fairview


Squaw Gaps last desperadoes Jim McPeak

Early Fairview swimming pool

Early settler Donn Spellman

School daze

Early Fairview schools

Fairview Mill

Chicks Barber Shop


Counterfeiting in eastern Montana

Fairview Chemical Company

Seven Sisters Island

The Red Cupboard

Shatswell arrives, becomes area butcher

Master craftsman perfects skill from Nohly store

Fairview Bank robbed by four Glendive men


Chicken coop lands on top of toilet...

Rededication of the Masonic Lodge, Ft. Buford

Past buffalo soldier attends event

Life of James Perkins, M.D.

Jennisons were early entrepreneurs


Fire of 1919 brings loss to Fairview

History of Fairview newspapers

History of Fairview newspapers Part 2

Woman suffrage in Montana

Successful merchants of Fairview


Early days, settlers in Fairview, the towns first lawyer

Ludtke breathes new life into bank

Bank of Fairview spectacular building, both inside and out

Early days of golf in Fairview

Leo family important to Fairview history

Andrew Nohle important to Fairview history


Red lights of Fairview

Factory produces cheese in Fairview

The valley gets pickled

Community comes to neighbors aid

Organization provides insurance to workers


Prohibition days in MonDak area

1913 Fairview Enterprises

Fairviews phenomenal growth

Hocus-pocus proceedings

Hotel Albert, a good business investment

Hotel Albert, more than just a hotel


The last lynching in North Dakota

Johnsgaard funeral home best in territory

Hunter No. 1 wildcat well major discovery

Sweet dreams; Cundiffs soda fountain

Four Mile Community Church


Settlement of Ridgelawn

The ride of his life, the story of Bill Cheney

Walt Lanoutte opened first beer parlor after prohibition

City ordinances of 1915

Stagecoaches in MonDak area


Ongoing rivalry between Fairview, Mont., N.D.

Homesteading in Montana

Ed Myhr: Man who wore many hats

Family stories on change to cars

Last of Indians in Yellowstone Valley

Fort Buford soldiers experience, bravery

Fairview womans inventions receive patents

The Cartwright Mercantile Store

Three children die in house fire

Mother Mann made great contributions

Brit sportsman leads Yellowstone Valley hunt

Brit sportsman leads Yellowstone Valley hunt II

Evans Place, one of Fairviews finest bars

Phone companies big part of Fairview

Pioneers Jimmy Orr and Joe Patey

The first public library in Fairview, county?

First Lower Yellowstone Livestock Feeders Day held

Fairview Band Mothers Club

Over 1,000 attend grand opening

Fairview Order of the Eastern Star

The crop that never failed: Harvesting ice

Fairviews early, early day Maternity House

Ditton travels part of mail route on foot

Television comes to area in 1957

Hotel Albert offers first beer in Fairview

Dairy cooperative established in Fairview

Fairview Memories ran in the Golden Roundup
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Fall 1955