Welcome to the DRWA Website!

Dry-Redwater Regional Water Authority (DRWA) is locally owned by the McCone, Dawson, Garfield and Richland County Conservation Districts.  The Board of Directors consists of individuals appointed by each of the conservation districts.

The goal of DRWA is to own and operate a water system to provide good quality household and livestock water to the owners and members of the coverage area. The DRWA coverage area includes the Counties of McCone, Dawson, Garfield, Richland, northern Prairie, and McKenzie west of the Yellowstone River.

Coordinator: Mandi Nay
Administrative Assistant/Billing Clerk: Emilee Burbidge
Conservation Districts:
McCone: 406-485-2744  x100
Dawson: 406-377-5566  x3
Garfield: 406-557-2740  x3
Richland: 406-433-2103  x101

Water samples from current wells in the DRWA Service Area, Illustrating the need for rural water projects such as ours.
"[Present well water in this area] looks bad, it tastes bad, it smells bad. The only good thing about it is that it's wet."
-McCone County Resident