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About Us:

    Being born and raised in Montana lead to a life of good horses, cattle and dogs. Their first interest in horses were Quarter Horses. The family started raising them in the 70's and 80's until job moves made it hard to maintain a breeding program. From there the foal crop went to a foal a year.  The focus of our Quarter Horse program was on a good all round using horse for work and play. Horses that went to the show ring and also had to do a good days work on the ranch. The focus of high quality horses for work or show still follows the shire breeding program.

    Leanne showed and judged horses as a youth and college student. She now peruses a small business in riding instruction, judging, wagon services and designing equine publications for print. She is certified with the American Riding Instructor's Association (ARIA) in Level II Western and Level I Hunt Seat and working on her Equine Professional Certificate in Equine Assisted Therapy with EAGALA.  Leanne also has attained her Equine Breeding certificate through Colorado State University. As an equine professional Leanne has continued to grow and maintain her knowledge and skills.  She continues lessons and clinics in driving, reining, pleasure and English riding. Brett worked as a college student for an outfitter in Ennis Montana. He learned the value of strong, sound and healthy horses with good minds and a forgiving heart.

      The family became interested in Shire Horses in 2000 with the purchase of Big Sky Kellie. They were looking for a driving horse to use for pleasure driving. They then found an add in the local classifieds-- went and looked at the mare and purchased her.  A year latter she was used their wedding. Kellie is now retired to special functions only.                     
Shortly after the purchase of Kellie Brett and Leanne decided that they would like to pursue the draft horses (Shires) for a little more than pleasure and began a search for a stallion to breed to their mare. In the process they found their first herd sire, Shakespeare William. Soon after his induction into the family they purchased our first registered mare, Loves Big Sky Melody. The program has grown and improved with the addition of the new herd sire Illusion Farm's Tuff Hedeman. In 2009 they expanded and improved the brood mares to include some of the best genetics from Canada and Colorado. Each of these mares were hand selected to produce some of the best horses in the business.

    The Hoagland's entered into the Aussie business in the fall of 2001 when friends gave them a male and female as pets and stock dogs. Little did they know that they would be raising a litter a year for placement into families as pets and working dogs. As a girl growing up Leanne and her family had many Aussie cross and Registered Aussie dogs for 4-H projects.  It just seemed to fit when they were asked if they wanted a male and female.

     The goal is to raise a high quality horse or dog that will meet the needs of our customers and provide years of use and enjoyment. Horses raised at Big Sky Shires are strong healthy horses off the tough badlands of Eastern Montana. These horses are sound in conformation, mind, structure and ability. You will not find any better foundation in the Shire Horse anywhere. The program prides itself of quality and solid legs, feet, minds and disposition! Horses that will go anywhere and produce better than themselves!


"The Tradition Continues"
Photos By: Dianne Hoagland
October 2010


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