What's to do at Wolff Farms?

Soon you will be listening to the music of the Montana State Bird.

The Western Meadowlark





If you're searching for rest and relaxion, it's all here.There aren't any busy streets, in fact there aren't any streets. You can sit in the shade of the cottonwood trees or catch some hot Montana sun from the deck. Seclusion has never been so relaxing. Maybe you're looking for some time to think or just finish that book you bought last summer. If you're up for a barbeque, or a great dinner on the deck, we can make it all possible.






You cannot find a better place to see the the moon and stars. If you have never seen the brightness of the northern lights, the plains of Eastern Montana is one of the best places to watch them dance. Sunrises and sunsets are as pretty as they come. You can catch them from a horse ride or just admire them from the hot tub. Even a summer storm can be as fascinating as any sunrise or sunset.