Wolff Farms Vacation Home

Experience the American farming tradition. Get away

from the big city lights and come see Montana's starlit nights.




Take a ride over the amber waves of grain.

Harvest Time: July thru September



Things to occupy your time.

Horseback ride over thousands of acres.

Meet a few of the crew.


Enjoy a picnic with chances to see the wildlife.



Meet one of your tour guides. Loyal, trustworthy, and knows every inch of the terrain.



Take your mind off things and relax in the seclusion of Eastern Montana.

Enjoy the seclusion but take a scenic drive to golfing, boating, fishing, swimming, camping, museums, rodeos, and history.


Come stay the week or just the weekend. So how do you get here?

Travel to Wolff Farms

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Email address: ajw1@midrivers.com

Web address: http://www.midrivers.com/~ajw1

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Last revised: February 24, 2003.