Mid-Rivers Mobile Open Internet Disclosure

Network Management Practices



Affiliated Prioritization / Paid Prioritization

Congestion Management

Application-Specific Behavior

Device Attachment Rules


Performance Characteristics

Service Description

Advertised Speeds 
Actual Speeds Measured
Actual Latency Measured
4G Product (shared service) 26.367Mbps/13.2 Mbps 80
3G Product (shared service) 2.427 Mbps/963 Kbps 125

*Actual speed and latency measurements last updated 3/28/19. Mid-Rivers has developed and reviews on a regular basis a methodology for tracking the accuracy of the speed and latency information presented here. These procedures are consistent with standard industry practice, utilizing the same software and testing time frames used by participants in the FCC’s broadband performance measurement project.

Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access (Non-BIAS) Data Services 

Commercial Terms


Regional Choice Plan Monthly Charge
Regional Choice Calling Plan
(Unlimited Talk on Mid-Rivers Tower & 400 Roaming Minutes)

Additional Devices (Limit 10) $9.95 Each

Nationwide Shared Data
5 GB
3 GB
1 GB

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