Tips for Managing Internet Data Use


Mid-Rivers offers a free account management tool known as SmartHub. You can use SmartHub to track and manage your Mid-RiversSmartHub Logo Communications accounts, track your data use for Mid-Rivers Internet and Cellular accounts, set up paperless billing and set-up automatic payments or pay your Mid-Rivers bill online. SmartHub also provides a variety of methods to easily contact Mid-Rivers with questions or to report problems.




Change the Settings

One way to manage the amount of data you are using, is by checking the settings of video streaming websites or applications. Video streaming uses some of the highest amounts of data of any Online activity. Online gaming also uses a large amounts of data. Mid-Rivers recommends reviewing the video playback settings on any of your accounts that allow video streaming.



YouTube is another video streaming service that can quickly consume data. YouTube offers a couple of options for changing the video playback size. This first option will require you to be logged in to your YouTube account. Click on the account icon in the upper right corner of the screen and the select the gear icon to adjust your YouTube settings. Next click on "playback" in the menu on the right of the screen and adjust the settings.


If you don't have a YouTube account, or are not signed in, use the settings withing each video to adjust the size of the video. To do so simply begin the video you want to watch. Once the video has started over over the lower third of the video to make the control bar appear. Click on the gear icon and select quality. You should see an array of options for adjusting the size of the video where the larger the number the more data that video will use.

Chart of Data Use for Video Streaming





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Chart of Data Use for Video Streaming
Chart of Data Use for Video Streaming