Wide Open Data Estimation

Estimate your monthly data usage and bill

Use the sliders to enter your daily usage of each activity to see an estimation of your monthly cost compared to the average Mid-Rivers user. Cloud camera usage is calculated by the number of cameras you have hooked up.

Hours surfing the web

Hours spent on social media

Emails sent and received per day

Hours spent gaming online

Hours spent streaming music

Hours spent streaming SD video

Hours spent streaming HD video

Hours spent streaming 4K video

Number of cloud cameras

See how your estimation compares to our monthly average (up to 1TB):

Estimated Usage: 0MB

Estimated Price: $19.95

Average Usage:0MB

Average Price: $19.95*

*Average price and usage represent actual usage levels of all Mid-Rivers Internet customers for the preceding 30 days.



Here's how we estimated your data usage:

Surfing the web

1 hour browsing online = 184MB

Social media

1 hour of browsing & posting to social media = 94MB

Sending & receiving emails

1 email (with standard attachments) = 0.4MB

Gaming online

1 hour of playing online games = 34MB

Streaming music

1 hour of listening to music = 55MB

Streaming SD video

1 hour of streaming SD video content = 1GB

Streaming HD video

1 hour of streaming HD video content = 3GB

Streaming 4K video

1 hour of streaming 4K video content = 8GB

Number of cloud cameras

1 camera backing up to the cloud = 60GB per month

Estimates based upon typical Internet use and settings of connected devices in the home. Your usage may vary. Price estimation may not reflect total cost of your monthly bill.