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Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Query Results
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  21 Cemetery Records have been selected from GNIS.   (modified page - March 2005)
Check out the Post Offices Map for approximate locations of some cemeteries.

Feature Name ST County  First Use Latitude Longitude Location GNIS
Andes Cemetery MT Richland 1915-1930 475742N 1043246W Andes
Cherry Creek Cemetery MT Richland 1914-1981 475934N 1042500W Blue Hill
Crane Cemetery MT Richland
473422N 1041554W Crane
Elmdale Cemetery MT Richland 1916-1971 475441N 1044542W Elmdale
Fisher Cemetery MT Richland 1918-1952 480332N 1045330W Mortarstone Bluff
Fourmile Cemetery MT Richland 1909-1980 475715N 1040808W Fairview NW
Grandview Cemetery MT Richland 1908-1981 475720N 1050804W Sullivan Coulee
Lambert Catholic Cemetery MT Richland
474120N 1043650W Lambert
Lambert Cemetery MT Richland 1912-1980 474019N 1043716W Lambert
Lone Butte Cemetery MT Richland 1909-1980 475257N 1042541W Blue Hill
Lynd Cemetery MT Richland 1914-1979 480256N 1044734W Frog Coulee
Mona Cemetery MT Richland 1925-1980 475807N 1044152W Elm Coulee
Newlon Cemetery MT Richland * 473909N 1041337W Sidney
Nohly Cemetery MT Richland 1909-1980 480048N 1040737W Bainville SW
Pioneer Cemetery-Sidney MT Richland 1895-1990 474146N 1040942W Sidney
Pioneer Cemetery-Fairview MT Richland 1906-1913 475121N 1040308W Fairview
Richland Memorial Park MT Richland
474025N 1041107W Sidney
Riverview Cem - Savage MT Richland
472643N 1042040W Savage
Saint Bernards Church Cem MT Richland 1925-1980 480227N 1045018W Frog Coulee
Saint Peters Cemetery MT Richland 1918-1979 475349N 1041948W Sioux Pass
Sidney Cemetery MT Richland
474443N 1040942W Sidney

 * [Newlon is indexed and photographed!]
Other Cemeteries not mapped by GNIS:
Brorson   ... 1913-1980   [20 miles SW Fairview]
Damm ........ 1913-1987   [near Froid & Culbertson, Friedens Geneinde, Roosevelt Co.]

   Headstone from Newlon Cemetery           


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