Slope County Post Offices


Alpha Post Office:  Benjamin G Odiorne started the Alpha Post Office and Store in what was then Billings County on May 3, 1907.  It was in Golden Valley after Billings County was divided.  Ben operated the store and Post Office from 1907-1917.  Mrs. Odiorne sold the store to Tunsvik and he sold it to Enoch Johnson and he was postmaster and storekeeper from 1917-1928.  Robert Johnston took over in 1928 and ran them until 1937 when it was sold to Robert Sonnek.  The post office and store were closed in 1946.

Badlands Post Office:  This post office was established September 10, 1908 in Richland Center Township with Frethjob A Halbakken, postmaster.  On June 20, 1916, it was moved to the home of Frank Bierman and the name was changed to Bierman.  When the Bierman's moved away, it was moved to the Bill Lamb place six miles north and the name became Vim.

Bessie Post Office: Bessie Post Office was located two or three miles north of Stubers.  This post office was established January 20, 1889 in Cash Township with Caroline Desforges as postmistress.  It was then known as DeMores.  The name was changed to Bessie August 4, 1908 with Theodore Gilbertson as postmaster. 

Billings Post Office: The Billings Post Office was located ten or twelve miles north of Rhame in Deep Creek Township.  Bert Sanford started it on March 7, 1910.  The post office was closed May 21, 1914.

Chenoweth Post Office:  Chenoweth Post Office was located around the south end of the Chalk Buttes about 12 miles north of Bowman.  Chenoweth was first known as Calcite established September 16, 1910 with Lloyd Wetzel postmaster. 

Cook Ranch Post Office:  This was established in 1915 with C F Bock as postmaster.  It was located about 11 miles north of New England.

Desart Post Office:  Desart Post office was established in December 1906.  Mr. DeSart was postmaster until 1916.  It was closed in 1955.

Geise Post Office:  George Geise had a ranch six miles west of Amidon that was started in the 1890's.  A few years after this post office was started, a bachelor named Ed Hess ran it and so the name was changed to Hess.  Later it was called Slope Center.

Holton Post Office:  Holton Post Office was named for Charles Holton.  The post office was located northwest of the Sand Creek Post Office and the Little Missouri River.  The Keogh Trail had a relay station half mile west of the Post Office.  In 1910 the post office was moved to the home of George Giese who was then postmaster.

Hume Post Office: Operated from 1910-1917.  It was located in what was then Billings County and was located 35 miles south of Belfield.

Midway Post Office: Located in Whitelake Township.  It was opened in 1907.  It ceased to exist in the 1930's.

Mineral Springs Post Office:  Located in Mineral Springs Township.

Mound Post Office:  Located 4 miles west of the Mound Church.  It was established in 1908 and operated until the 1940's.

Pine Post Office:  Established September 4, 1908 and closed June 15, 1915.

Purcell Post Office:  Established March 12, 1908 in White Lake Township.  Closed December 31, 1914.

Rainy Butte Post Office:  Established March 9, 1907 in Hume Township.

Ranger Post Office:  Established in 1912 and closed in 1945.

Reno-Pierce Post Office:  Established October 25, 1911 and closed October 31, 1922.

Sand Creek Post Office:  Located north and east of Bowman.  Organized June 21, 1898 and closed December 18, 1909.

Shollsmade Post Office:  Located in Dovre Township and opened September 2, 1908.  It closed May 31, 1921.

Stuart Post Office:  Located on the Dryden homestead in the Horse Creek area five miles west of the Buckley Ranch.  It opened in May 23, 1910 by James Stuart.  It closed April 30, 1925.

Taft Post Office:  Located about two miles north of the Slope County line in Peaceful Valley Township.  It operated from 1907-1910. 

Vim Post Office:  Operated from 1937-1944.

Yule Post Office:  This was the first post office in what is now Slope County.  It was located on the Lang Ranch which was built in 1883.  The post office was established in the early 1890's.  It closed in 1920.

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