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When we sell a donkey, horse, or mule we will provide the necessary health papers to get it into your state. They will arrive with their feet trimmed and we will deworm them before they leave the ranch. We will give any shots you think are necessary for your area at your expense. We will try to help arrange transportation but that cost is up to the buyer. Our donkeys are happy, healthy, and well adjusted. Soon they will have you wrapped around their hoof. You will know all their itchy spots and they will be listening to your secrets. If you do not find one listed here to suit you, call, the perfect donkey might be out in the pasture.

updated 3-11-14

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Lucy is one of our older jennets. She is 16 years old and 56" tall. Steve rides her in the hills here on the ranch and she does well. Lucy is a good looker and did make some nice babies for us. $800

Fallon is a coming 4-year-old jack by Mister and Suzy. He has a BIG brother who is 64" and gaited to boot. Right now Fallon is all of 59".

Fallon is now called Abe. He is in Carmen,ID with Rob and Alicia Schwarz. He has been to the Bishop Mule and Donkey Show and to MT Mule Days winning ribbons in both shows. He was Grand Champion Donkey in MT.

Barbie is a 2001 model. She is one big girl, standing a bit over 59". She is bred to Heart B Mister for a 2014 foal. Shortly after we got her she was kicked in the left knee. It is enlarged but does not slow her down. The vet says it is best to let her live with it. She adores people and all they bring to her pasture -- treats and scratching fingers. $1500

RMS Honey is 6 in 2014. She is a Heart-B-Mister daughter out of a 58" dapple gray jennet called Lu Lu. See Lu Lu on the factory page with Honey's older sister. Honey is gaited. $1000.

Bebrite is 5 this year. She is a pretty dark brown mammoth jennet with lots of white trim. She moves nice and will make someone a super, show stopping, riding donkey. She is a daughter of Sunshine my show jenny that wins trail class every year and Mister. $1500

Botox is a jenny I brought home from OK. She would be 11 years old this year. I was starting her to ride this spring before calving lead me astray. Her one baby McCraken is a good one. $1200

Okieboy was born in 2009. He is a gelding. Okieboy should be around 57". This summer he finally started growing. I was worried he might be shorter then his parents. He loves people.

Okieboy has a new home near Wibaux, MT.

Smile is one of Mister's daughters out of a mammoth red jennet. Smile is coming 5. She is black with white points. She will grow right up to a nice stout 58" for sure. $2000 If you have been looking at her you'll see the price has gone up. She is one good looking donkey and any day now I will decide to keep her!

Dicey is a 4 year old dun jennet. She is out of a 54" black jennet and a 54"gray dun jack. I figure she will be about 54"!! Her grandpa is Mister so way back there she has spots AND height in her background. She was born with a bob tail and she will have it her whole life. She is more refined and will be an agile willing mount.

Dicey is training calves to lead in Hobson, MT

Ladeeda is going to be 8 in '14. She is a well built smaller jenny ready to be started riding and driving. Ladeeda is Lindy and Mister's daughter. $500

Mc Cracken was a winter baby. He is the result of the jenny herd getting thru a fence, walking a mile and a half to entice Mister into gracelessly leaping a barb wire gate. I know it was graceless because Steve had to fix it. I administered morning after shots to all those that were flirting with him but 2 older girls stood back on the fringes of the herd smiling. One was Botox, a very good black jennet that I had tried to get pregnant for 2 years. This is her offspring, every bit as good as I expected. He is slicking up and looking very handsome.

McCracken has gone to live in Canada as a gelding. He will have a good life.

Carter is definitely going to be a big jack. He is another Suzy baby and is Fallon's full brother. He is 2 this spring and has that teenage awkward look to him but his conformation is pleasing and his disposition great. He bred the young mare he was living with this spring. Carter will be darker then his brother Fallon; more black then gray.

Carter is at home in Bogota, Columbia making babies.

Mae Is the other jennet that hung back looking prim and proper and then had a baby last November. She is a 2000 model. She is Mister's daughter. Mae is 54". Mae does not have a career yet. She needs one. $500 She has had 3 babies in her life. Dicey is one.

Vico and Gracey These are the twins of '07. A pair of beautiful gray duns with stripey legs and shoulder crosses. Their mother is a 56.5" dark red jennet. Their sire a 54"gray and white spotted jack. They are 54" now. We have decided to sell Vico and Gracey as a team. We did get them started this fall doing some easy pulling and some not so easy. I will start riding them this winter.

Vico and Gracey have a new home with Justin Murray in Hamilton, MT. We expect to see them competing and winning at Montana Mule Days.

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