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The old mountain men use to call their longeared partners Mountain Canaries or Rocky Mountain Songbirds.

Here in Ismay, Montana we raise long eared equines that can sing with the best of them! Donkeys are not only interesting lawn ornaments and alarm systems, they are also hugable, lovable, nonjudgemental confidantes. They learn with ease to ride, pack and drive. Anyone with a sense of humor and a bit of patience can train one. Trust me every donkey will make a fool out of you sooner or later! (Usually when it is most inconvienent and there is an audience.) Be aware that training works both ways!

They are easy keepers, requiring only grass hay or limited pasture. Grain is a treat and can also be a killer to donkeys prone to fatness. Grass hay, good water, a salt block and your company will satisfy most donkeys needs. Do not let their gasping cries trick you into doling out the goodies. A fat donkey is not a happy donkey! The exception to the no grain rule is donkeys that do work for a living or young ones busy growing.

Donkeys will need their feet trimmed at least 3 times a year. More often might be necessary on soft pastures. They need the same vaccinations and wormings as a horse.

Meet their minumum requirements and you will have a happy healthy donkey to meet you at the gate and sing to you, listen to you, amaze you and amuse you.

You are always welcome to come out to the ranch. We'll harness a donkey or two and take a spin in the wagon or go for a ride. E-mail is welcome and is usually promptly answered!

Rocky Mountain Songbirds

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