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"It is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Thank you so much." Leona

"Annie: The pictures on the agate are absolutely wonderful. You even captured their personalities. I cried looking at the painting last night as my 2 little dogs are now gone - and I really miss them. Thank you." Leona

"Dear Annie, I Love the way you have painted Heidi. She looks GREAT! I have enclosed your payment. I know my husband will love it too. Thanks! God Bless You"

"Annie--Thank you so very much for Tiffer's beautiful portrait. It is her to a T!! I know my daughter will cry for sure but she will cherish it forever. Your work is beautiful. Thanks again, Annie--your are so talented! You do fabulous portraits." Sandy

"Dear Annie---I am very pleased with "Maggie". You did an excellent job, especially the tongue- I thought you might have trouble there. Fantastic!"

"Annie, just a note to let you know that I did get the picture of Butch all right, I think that is is absolutely SUPER, Thank you very much. I took it took it to work and showed it to everybody around. Once again thank you very much."

"Got your letter yesterday. OH man it's beautiful. You did an excellent job. Thanks." Kelly

"Hi, Annie! I must compliment you on your beautiful work! Every time that I see it, I am simply struck with the beauty. It is absolutely wonderful!" Cindy



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