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Photos courtesy of Marcia Holas and Allison Willhoite
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Annie is a native of Glendive, Montana, born and raised in this small ranching and farming community. Her paternal and maternal grandparents both homesteaded in eastern Montana.

A self taught artist, she has worked as a professional artist for the past 30 years, working mainly in oil and watercolor on a variety of mediums. Using a realistic style, Annie prefers to paint peoples' pets, wildlife and horses, and for the last few years has specialized in pet portraits.

Annie and Gary, her husband of 30+ years, have lived north of Glendive for 19 years on a small ranch. They currently have 6 dogs, 6 cats, 50 chickens, 2 goats and 4 cows,. They also have a herd of horses, including several saddle horses, a burro, and 2- 2300# Belgian draft horses which Annie uses for driving.



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