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Monday, August 3rd, 2015 9:08 AM
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Voice Mail

Voice Mail will answer your phone when you don't. Unlike a regular answering machine, only Voice Mail will answer your phone and take a message when your phone line is busy, making it a great service for Internet users with only one phone line. You determine how many times your phone should ring, then Voice Mail answers and takes a message. Your messages are date and time stamped, and you can retrieve them from any touch tone phone in the world, 24 hours a day.

If it is important to know every time you get a message, Voice Mail can notify any local telephone number, your local pager, or your wireless phone.

One of the most useful benefits of Voice Mail is messaging. You can send a message to any subscriber on the Mid-Rivers Voice Mail system. You can also reply to a message or forward a copy of a message to another individual on the system.

Wireless Voice Mail Service

$3.50 Per Month or
FREE with Value Added plans!

Call answering, time and date message received, save messages, transfer messages from one voice mailbox to another, edit messages, daily notification (wake-up calls, will call you with messages), review messages, personal greeting, private pass code, message notification (allows user to automatically call up to four numbers immediately after the new message is recorded), group messaging (allows the user to send one message to a group of people predetermined on a person group list on our Voice Mail system), 90-second messages, 50 message capacity or 45-minute total capacity, saves new and used messages for 14 days.




For more information please contact our Customer Services Department at (406)485-3301, (800)452-2288 or send an email to: customerservices@midrivers.coop


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