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The links below are to sites that will allow you to download useful shareware and freeware programs for use on your personal computer. Because of the rapidly changing nature of the World Wide Web, you may occasionally find that a link points to a site or file that has been moved or no longer exists. If you do, let us know and we will fix it. If you have suggestions that you think others will find useful, let us know and we will add it.

Ad Blockers


Ad Subtract

Ad blocking and Internet privacy

Pop-Up Stopper

Panicware's completely FREE pop-up and pop-under ad blocking product.


A comprehensive list of many different freeware and shareware Ad Blocking tools.



Antivirus / Privacy Protection


AVG Anti-Virus



Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


A free antivirus system from GRISOFT that is available for all single home and office end users.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, a security program known to detect and remove Antivirus XP and its variants.


Download the All-Free Internet Security Suite 2.0 from CyberDefender


A popular anti-Trackware software product provided by Lavasoft, an industry leader and respected provider of online privacy tools.  A FREE version is available, Paid version offers ad blocking.

Symantec Security Check

A FREE service designed to help you understand your computer's exposure to online security intrusions and virus threats.

Trend Micro's Online Scanner

A FREE online virus scanner

Panda Security

FREE online antivirus to combat viruses, spyware, and other Internet threats.

Spy Sweeper

This powerful spy-ware detection tool from Webroot scans your entire PC using a database of thousands of known threats.  FREE and licensed versions available, also includes FREE online scan..

Spybot Search & Destroy

A FREE downloadable program for spyware detection and removal.


Pest Patrol

A powerful security and personal Internet privacy tool that detects destructive pests like Trojans, spy-ware, ad-ware and hacker tools on your computer.


(See also: Firewalls )

Web Browsers


Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser


A FREE web browser from Mozilla.org.


A FREE web browser from Opera Software, which is a 1995 branch that started from Telenor, Norway's largest telecom company.


A FREE web browser from Apple, originally designed for Mac computers, now available for Windows XP and Vista operating systems.



E-Mail Software



An advertising-supported e-mail software for Windows that offers e-mail backgrounds.




Free e-mail software from Mozilla, who also makes the Firefox web browser (see above).



Moving Large Files



Bypass e-mail and send files larger than 10 MB.


Free sharing of up to 50 GB from a website.



Download Sites



Download software from the web, including free Firewalls.


Software downloads


Search for software on the web


Winsock and other utilities



Firewall Software


Zone Alarm

Popular firewall software that is FREE for home Internet users.

Jetico Personal Firewall

New firewall software that is FREE for home Internet users.

Kerio Personal Firewall

FREE for home/personal use, otherwise $39 for single license.

Outpost Personal Firewall

Open Architecture firewall for Windows, both FREE and "pro" versions available.

Norton Personal Firewall

Keeps hackers out and personal data in. It makes robust firewall protection easy by automatically hiding your PC on the Internet and blocking suspicious connections.





Web Tools and Utilities


Adobe Acrobat Reader

View and search PDF files common on the web

Core FTP Lite

A FREE file transfer protocol (FTP) client software for Windows.


If you have a problem with any of the links on this page or suggestions about this page, please send an email to: mrtc@midrivers.coop

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