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Unified Communications: Hosted PBX


  • Mid-Rivers' Unified Communications Hosted PBX service is the latest phone system offering, where the phone system is now located at the Mid-Rivers office and a minimal amount of equipment is at the customer's premise
  • Hosted PBX service is a VoIP service and call utilize the Mid-Rivers Internet for transport to the Public Telephone Switched network(PTSN). The PTSN is where call are then routed to the number dialed. Incoming calls come from the PTSN and are routed to the Mid-Rivers Internet network, getting terminated to the phone number dialed.

Unified Communications Benefits

  • No Hardware to Maintain - With the phone system housed in the Mid-Rivers Office, there is no hardware for you to maintain.
  • No Licenses and Software Updates - Mid-Rivers ensures that system updates and licenses are taken care of when updates are released.
  • Phone Line Availability - Each phone has an outside line to ensure that calls can be made even when others are using their phones.
  • No Long Distance Charges - Each seat includes 1000 minutes of long distance and is pooled to make sure that you don't incur long distance charges (Continental U.S. Calls).
  • Unlimited Calls to Local and Any Mid-Rivers Number - Unlimited calls to your local community numbers and any Mid-Rivers telephone number.
  • One Provider - With Mid-Rivers as the Internet and Hosted PBX provider, you get a local technician to work on your system. Other Hosted PBX providers don't have local technicians and your are on your own with the service.
  • No Equipment to Purchase - Your low monthly fee covers your phone service and the equipment. A Management & Maintenance feature is available to ensure worn-out parts and management of the system is taken care of for you.
  • Latest Equipment - Phones deployed are some of the newest bringing the newest features to your fingertips.
  • Internet Portal - From your web browser you are able to customize your phone and the features to meet your needs. It's all personal.
  • Customization - Set your phone your way to make sure you don't miss that important call with Find Me Follow Me.
  • Soft Clients - Software applications to make your desktop and/or laptop computer or even your smartphone as your desk phone.
  • 911 Functionality - Unified Communications desk phones work for 911 services unlike other VoIP solutions.

Internet Portal


Logging in to CommPortal

CommPortal Basics

Service Offerings

Preferred Service


Service per Seat (four seat minimum)

  • Unlimited local calling
  • Unlimited Mid-Rivers-to-Mid-Rivers calling
  • 1000 minutes of Long Distance per seat
  • Phone Line for each seat


  • Polycom VVX 500 - HD Voice, touch screen, key programmable phone
  • Yealink W52H - Cordless, HD Voice phone
  • Polycom Sound Station - Mid-Rivers will supply a conference phone. The model is dependent on the size of the conference room.


  • Internet Protocol to customize your preferences
  • Find Me, Follow Me
  • Hunt Groups
  • Group Ring
  • Voicemail
  • Along with many other features


Premium Features

  • Accession Mobile - Makes your cell phone your desk phone.
  • Accession Desktop - Makes your computer your desk phone.
  • Fax to Email - Incoming faxes are sent right to your email.
  • Expansion Modules - Want to see more extensions from your desk phone? We have the solution.
  • Auto Call Distribution (ACD) - A necessity for call centers, calls routed as your instructions, even record calls for training.
  • Auto Attendant - Don't have the resources for a phone attendant? Auto Attendant will great your customers and direct them to the right department or extension.
  • Unified Communications Management & Maintenance - Let Mid-Rivers manage your phone system for you and warranty the equipment at your location.
  • Additional Numbers - Have a number that is not tied to a particular phone? Mid-Rivers offers Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs) for the situation where you may want a number in a hunt group of multi-ring group that is not tied to a particular phone.
  • 800-Number - Do you want customers outside of the local area to be able to call you free? An 800-number is your answer.

Hosted PBX Access


  • To ensure the best quality service Unified Communications requires Hosted PBX Access. This access includes a dedicated Internet connection and a phone line for 911. The dedicated Internet connection ensures that no bugs or other Internet traffic are interfering with your telephone calls. The phone line is for your safety, any 911 call made from one of the desk phones is routed out over the traditional landline to ensure first responders are dispatched to the correct location. 911 service does not work on the Accession Mobile & Accession Desktop Premium Features.
  • Hosted PBX Access' Internet connection is determined by the number of seats. Since each seat has outside connectivity and each seat could be on a call at the same time, Mid-Rivers has a solution to ensure calls to/from each of the numbers is able to complete.
  • Hosted PBX Access' phone is for you and your employees' safety. Any 911 call will be routed out over the phone line which is associated with an address for first responders. As your community partner and your neighbor, Mid-Rivers strives to ensure the safety of the community where they can. In the future this phone line will also act as a redundant path for phone calls in case of an Internet outage.



Every business is different. To receive a Unified Communications quote customized for your business contact your Mid-Rivers Sales and Marketing Representative at 1-800-452-2288.


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