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Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 10:03 PM
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Personal Web Page Information

Your Mid-Rivers Internet account allows you to create and post personal web pages FREE!

There are only a few conditions to getting your web page:

  1. The personal web page is for your personal use and cannot be used to create pages or advertise for individuals or businesses other than your own.
  2. You may use Microsoft FrontPage to create your web page, however some features, like counters, may not display properly.  Personal web pages do not support FrontPage extensions or cgi scripts.  If you are using FrontPage to create your webpage, make sure you disable the FrontPage extensions.

    To disable FrontPage extentions, in FrontPage, go to the Tools menu, click Page Options, and then click the Compatibility tab. Make sure the "Enabled with Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions" box is clear or unchecked.
  3. The size limit for personal web pages is One Hundred megabytes.

The steps for setting up your web page are relatively simple:

  1. Call us at (406) 485-3301 or (800) 452-2288 to setup your password and personal directory on the Mid-Rivers Internet web server. This cannot be done via email.
    To create your web page, you can use any program that will save files in the html format.  In order for your web page to be displayed automatically on the Mid-Rivers web server, it will need to be a file saved in the html format and named "index.html".  Once your web page files are created and saved on your computer, you can transfer them to the Mid-Rivers Internet web server using ftp (file transfer protocol).
  2. Use any ftp program  to transfer your html files to the Mid-Rivers Internet web server.  You should be able to find an ftp program at www.coreftp.com (Core FTP Lite is a free version), www.shareware.com, www.download.com or www.ipswitch.com. The host name for the Mid-Rivers Internet web server is www.midrivers.com.  You can not login via an anonymous login, you will need to enter your username and password.  Here you can view Core FTP settings.
  3. There will be a directory named "public_html" in your personal directory on the Mid-Rivers Internet web server. The files must be in this directory, or they will not display properly on your page. Make sure your startup page is named "index.html" for it to open automatically. It must be named "index.html" and in the "public_html" directory for it to display properly. Capitalizing "index.html" will result in the page not being displayed.

The URL or address for your new web page will be:

If you have comments or questions about this page please send email to: mrtc@midrivers.coop

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