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Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 3:57 PM
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Parental Control Tools for Your Television

Many parents today are concerned with their children accessing inappropriate programming on television. Mid-Rivers Cable Television understands these concerns, and would like parents to know about all of the tools available today for monitoring and limiting what our kids are watching. 

The Television Industry's TV Rating System, combined with the "V-Chip" (a device available in most newer TV's), as well as the Parental Lock features and the Interactive Program Guide ("i-Guide") on most cable set-top boxes, offer parents a variety of options for determining the appropriateness of programming and limiting what children can access.

Your Set-Top Box

The V-Chip

For More Information

Your Set-Top Box

As a Mid-Rivers Cable Television subscriber, you have the ability to block entire channels or specific programs based on criteria set by you using your set-top cable box. All Mid-Rivers Cable Television subscribers with a set-top box provided by Mid-Rivers have access to parental control features through the settings on the set-top box or through the Interactive Programming Guide ("i-Guide"). The i-Guide's Parental Locks allow you to restrict viewing and purchases of TV programming based on your viewing preferences. Set a personalized 4-digit PIN, and you can place locks on selected ratings, channels and titles. You can also hide adult titles from being displayed on-screen. Visit http://www.i-guide.tv/ to view a demonstration of the i-Guide's Parental Lock features and learn how to use them. If you don't have access to the i-Guide, use the "Settings" or "Menu" buttons on your set-top's remote control to access Parental Locks. You can also contact a Mid-Rivers customer service representative at 1-800-452-2288 or customerservices@midrivers.com for more information on using your set-top box parental control features.


The V-Chip

If you do not have a set-top box, your TV set may provide parental control features. All television sets 13 inches or larger manufactured after January 2000, and some sets sold after July 1, 1999, contain technology called the "V-Chip." The V-Chip technology utilizes the industry’s TV ratings system to block programs that may be of concern. Visit http://www.v-chip.org/ to learn how to use the V-Chip in your TV.


For More Information:

Control Your TVcontrolyourtv.org
Cable puts you in control by showing parents how to take charge of TV viewing. Through this web site, parents can request personalized instructions on how to configure parental controls on TV and cable equipment. Parents can also sign up for periodic updates and tips about managing TV viewing in the home. 

Federal Communications Commission V-Chip Page
TV guidelines, V-Chip historical proceedings, and helpful links.

Take Parental Control
This interactive web site shows parents how to restrict or block potentially inappropriate content from a wide variety of today's communications technologies, including TV, set-top boxes, DVRs, DVD players, the Internet, cell phones, satellite radio and video game systems.

The TV Boss
Information on TV's and the V-Chip, cable controls, ratings, and links to several Public Service Announcements (PSAs) regarding parental controls and being your family's "TV Boss."

The TV Parental Guidelines
Information for parents on TV Ratings and the V-Chip from the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board, which handles public comments and information on the rating system. In addition to visiting their web site by clicking the link above, you can write to the Board at TV Parental Guidelines, P.O. Box 14097, Washington, DC 20004; call them at (202) 879-9364; or send an e-mail to tvomb@usa.net.

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