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Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 9:54 AM
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SecureIT Plus- Anti Virus Software


Guaranteed Computer Protection for only $4.95 per month (per computer)

Are you in need of a full service anti-virus software that protects your PC and controls the sites your kids visit? Looking for an easier way to keep your computer security up-to-date without the hassle of manual downloads and trying to decide which updates you really need and when? Then look no further.

SecureIT Plus focuses on stopping and eliminating Internet threats without any user interaction. SecureIT Plus provides the ultimate in computer protection, including...

  • Guaranteed protection*
  • Fully automated updates, scans and removal of spyware, viruses and adware
  • Internet Explorer popup and ad blocking
  • Automated hard drive optimization, disk maintenance and critical Microsoft patch updates
  • FREE Help Desk Support
  • Parental Controls
  • Professional Installation
  • Other Features & Benefits

With SecureIT Plus, not only is your computer fully protected from the various Internet Security threats lurking online, it is also optimized and maintained to offer you the best performance. Contact a Mid-Rivers Customer Service Representative today or call 1-800-452-2288 to sign up for SecureIT Plus! We can activate your software license key and e-mail you the download information so you can start your automated protection right away!

For more information, visit our SecureIT Plus FAQ's.

Also Available...PC Support Services

If your computer has been unusually slow or otherwise acting strangely, it may be infected with viruses or spyware. Mid-Rivers can offer immediate assistance with removing existing computer security threats through our new PC Support Services.



SecureIT Plus Features & Benefits

With SecureIT Plus, you will get all the services listed below in one completely automated package:

Spyware Detection, Removal, and Pop-up Blocker
Spyware is a general term for a program that secretly monitors your actions. SecureIT Plus uses a three-phase approach to protect your computer from spyware. Technology is in place to stop spyware from infiltrating your computer, to detect in real-time any malicious activity, and to clear up anything that may have been missed by using ongoing Spybot Search and Destroy scans. In addition, SecureIT Plus has a fully customizable Internet Explorer pop-up blocker to minimize those annoying pop-up ads and displays, saving both time and bandwidth.

System and Disk Maintenance
System and disk maintenance is often one of the most overlooked tasks and is a leading cause of poor performance and instability issues. SecureIT Plus uses Diskeeper Professional - a $49.99 software product - to provide ongoing maintenance by optimizing file storage and disk defragmentation for faster PC performance.

Microsoft Patch Management
One particularly important element of maintaining a secure and reliable computer is staying up-to-date on critical software patches. SecureIT Plus patch management provides a daily assessment of missing critical patches for Microsoft Operating Systems and automatically applies them after rigorous testing to ensure continued protection.

Monthly E-mail Summary & Online Reporting
To increase the value of the service, SecureIT Plus has developed a unique online reporting application that allows you to view vital computer protection statistics throughout the life of your subscription. These detailed reports show you information such as the number of viruses your computer has been protected from and the number of updates that have been applied. For small business environments and homes with multiple computers, these reports will also show you a summary of all your computers so you can see in a single view the protection that you have been provided.

Professional Installation
SecureIT Plus comes to you by email or an Installation CD. For a one-time cost of $14.95 per computer, you receive Professional Remote installation from the SecureIT Help Desk. You can sit back and relax while trained SecureIT Plus technicians do the work for you.

Free Technical Support
Unlike Norton and McAfee, who charge for technical support calls, technical support for SecureIT Plus is included free of charge and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Guaranteed Protection*
With SecureIT Plus you'll never have to think about Internet Security again. Plus, the service is guaranteed. If you do have problems with an Internet-delivered issue while using SecureIT Plus services, we will repair your computer at no charge. Stop wasting time worrying about what type of protection you need, what product or products you should install, who is going install them, who is going to maintain and update them, and more importantly who you can call if you have any questions. With SecureIT Plus you'll never have to worry about Internet security again!

Parental Controls
This feature allows you to keep your child safe from inappropriate web content and advances. You can block pages by keyword or patterns, block web chat and Instant Messaging. The Time Management Control allows you to control Internet surfing, chatting and game playing with set time limits. For detailed monitoring you can also get daily or weekly reports of your child’s online activity including a list of URLs visited.

*In order to qualify for the Guarantee, user must have incurred the threat on the machine while SecureIT Plus Service was installed. Additional charges may apply for removing or repairing pre-existing issues necessary to install the service on a clean PC to qualify for the Guarantee. The Guarantee is only available on PCs certified during the Supported Remote Installation service. Maximum remedy is $100 to be paid toward the repair of the end user's PC.

FileHopper Plus
TotalTech - Remote Computer Repair Services

Get your computer fixed from the comfort of home!
When you are experiencing computer problems, who do you call? Most of the time you are forced to pack it up and take it to a "big box" store or computer repair shop, which you may not even have access to in your hometown. There is another option! TotalTech can fix your computer issues remotely, satisfaction guaranteed! Just call Mid-Rivers at 1-800-452-2288, and our 24-hour support center will connect you with a trained technician who will be happy to help. TotalTech Services include:

Total TuneUp - $49.95
Professionally administered PC diagnostic scan and performance tune-up. This service deletes unnecessary files on your hard drive, recommends and removes unneeded programs, adjusts PC settings and performs a hard drive defrag and other general cleaning. A customer report is e-mailed to you upon completion.

Virus + Spyware Removal - $89.95
Scan and identify computer threats, followed by the professional removal of malicious code through a secure remote connection. Before the session is ended, our trained technicians will perform necessary anti-virus and Windows updates, in addition to providing you with helpful tips on avoiding infection in the future.

Complete Care - $109.95
Combines Total TuneUp service with Virus + Spyware Removal, giving you over $25.00 in savings!

Advanced Repair - $89.95
Quality advice and remote support to diagnose and repair any computer problem outside the scope of TuneUp and Virus + Spyware Removal services.

Operating System (OS) Training + Customization - $89.95
Provides a personal, in-depth walk through of your new operating system as well as customization of settings and features so your new computer can serve you better!

Total Membership - $169.95
Get full access to ALL of the TotalTech services and benefits for an entire year all for one low price!

Check out Total Tech's expanded service categories below!

Network Services: Networking computers and devices can be confusing to you and potentially unsafe for your network if not done correctly. TotalTech technicians can help you set up your home network and connect any wireless device safely.

PC Device Services: There are so many peripherals and devices available for your computer that it can be tough to learn how to connect them all properly. You no longer need to fight with the owners manual, TotalTech technicians can provide immediate help setting up your new device.

Mobile and Smart Phone Services: These days smart phones can be just as confusing as new computers! TotalTech technicians can now help you get started with your new phone or mobile device and even help set up your mobile network!

Home Electronics Services: Home electronics are constantly evolving and it can be difficult to connect them all correctly. TotalTech can help make sure your home electronics are hooked up and working properly to save them the headache.

PC Security Services: PC security is a necessity to keep your computers personal information safe, and your computer in good running condition. TotalTech can help stop and remove online threats and even set-up security software for your customers.

Get help now without leaving home, and it's guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with our work, or we can't fix your problem, you don't pay. A valid credit card is required for ordering TotalTech Services.

Call 1-800-452-2288, anytime day or night, to access TotalTech Services, or contact Mid-Rivers for more information.

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