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Wide Open Internet

Wide Open Internet, a revolutionary style of Internet, brings you the newest technology available. This exclusive Mid-Rivers service will give you an enhanced High Speed Internet experience unlike any you’ve seen before. Wide Open Internet puts you in control. A few of the benefits of this new service are:



Network Access


Per Gigabyte


Wide Open Internet is available in Fairview, Glendive, Lewistown, Miles City, and Sidney. Wide Open Internet is different than traditional high speed Internet plans. You pay $19.95 per month to access the network at the top speed available at your location. Then you pay $0.20 per Gigabyte for the amount of data (Gigabytes) you use that month. Usage charges will be billed in one Gigabyte increments. NO DATA CAPS and no complicated speed tiers. No contract required. Requires paperless billing and automatic payment. Installation, taxes and other fees may apply. Actual Internet speeds may vary depending on your computer’s capacity and web traffic. Speeds may also be impacted by third-party equipment (such as your computer or router). *Your bill can be controlled by monitoring how much data you are using, use less and your bill will decrease.

Tiered Plans


Speed (up to)


Perfect For...


50 Mbps down / 20 Mbps up


The Full Power of the Internet at Your Fingertips


40 Mbps down / 4Mbps up


Small Businesses & Online Gaming


20 Mbps down / 2 Mbps up


Video Streaming & Uploading


12 Mbps down / 1 Mbps up


Social Media & Online Shopping


8 Mbps down /1 Mbps up


Basic email & Browsing

*Tiered plans are NOT available in Fairview, Glendive, Lewistown, Miles City, or Sidney (Wide Open Internet is the Internet plan offered in these towns). Services and speeds not available in all areas. Standard modem free with two-year service agreement. Basic, Choice, Preferred and Ultimate Plans include 300 Gigabytes (GB) of data access (combined downstream and upstream) per monthly billing cycle. Extreme Plan includes 400 GB of data access per monthly billing cycle. Premier Plan includes 600GB data access per monthly billing cycle. Additional data used over the included data access during a billing cycle will be billed in increments of 50GB at $10 each with a minimum $10 charge; service will not be interrupted and speeds will not be “throttled.” Speeds advertised are maximum available speeds. Actual downstream and upstream speeds provided will vary due to available facilities at the customer’s location, customer equipment, the Internet sites being accessed, and other factors. Additional restrictions may apply, see Mid-Rivers for details.

Selecting the right plan

When selecting a Mid-Rivers Internet plan, consider how you will be using your Internet connection, and how many devices you will have connected at a time. Mid-Rivers recommends at least 1.5 to 3 Mbps per device that will be connected. To stream a television show over the Internet, you will need at least 3Mbps of Internet available to that device.

The total Internet speed that is provided to each of your devices is split among the number of devices using that connection. For example, if you have the Choice Internet plan with an 8 Mbps download speed and you only have a laptop connected to the Internet, that laptop is getting the full 8 Mbps of speed. However, when a family member connects their tablet to this same connection and the tablet begins using 4 Mbps of the available 8 Mbps, that leaves the person on the laptop with 4 Mbps. Each additional device that is connected will take a portion of the total available speed, reducing the speed available to each of your individual devices. As you add devices to your home or work network, make sure to consider that you may also need to move up to a higher Internet plan.

WiFi Networking Bundles

Today’s home networks are complicated. Other wireless equipment in your home, your neighbor’s WiFi, or even something as simple as a baby monitor can interfere with the WiFi signal you rely on for today’s home Internet access. Stop fighting with your wireless router, continually rebooting your network equipment, and battling device connectivity problems – let us deal with it all for you.

Using quality equipment that has been tested for the best compatibility with the Mid-Rivers Internet network, our local tech professionals set up your home network for optimum connectivity and reliability. There are no upfront equipment costs, and if your wireless router fails, we will replace it for you. For home WiFi made easy, sign up for a new Connected Home bundle today!

Connected Home WiFi Bundle - $9.95/month


  • 1 Dualband Wireless Router
  • Professional Installation
  • Unlimited remote support

Designed for small spaces and basic tablet, laptop and smartphone WiFi connectivity.

Ultimate Connected Home Bundle - $19.95/month

  • 1 Dual-band Wireless Router plus 1 Wireless Access Point (if needed)
  • Wired connectivity for home Ethernet including cabling & switches for Smart TV’s, gaming consoles, etc.
  • Professional Installation & Network Optimization
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Free smart home consultation

Your best option for complete home network service and support. Choose this option if you want to connect devices like Smart TV’s and gaming consoles to your wired or wireless home network, and for the best connectivity throughout your home. Required for homes with multiple access points. Let our tech professionals provide a free consultation on your other smart home needs, such as indoor or outdoor web cams for peace of mind when you are away from home.

Mid-Rivers also offers WiFi solutions for your Business. To learn about our Business WiFi network solutions, contact your local Sales & Marketing Analyst by calling 1-800-452-2288. 

Minimum 2 year service commitment required. Service continues on a month-to-month basis after initial 2-year agreement term. Large homes and other situations may require additional access points or boosters which will be determined by on-site technician during installation and billed as one-time equipment charges. Equipment costs for purchase and replacement of web cams and other smart home equipment will be billed as one-time equipment charges. Customer must sign new Internet Service Agreement form agreeing to additional terms & conditions of service. Includes 24/7/365 remote support, and next business day on-site support if problems cannot be repaired remotely.


Mid-Rivers provides 24-hour remote Internet service and support through our Technical Assistance Center in Glendive, Montana, included with your regular monthly service rates. We dispatch technicians to the field immediately for service-affecting outages that impact multiple subscribers, free of charge anytime day or night. In the interest of keeping support costs reasonable for all customers, individual Internet troubles requiring an on-site technician are dispatched the following business day.

We know there are times that individual Internet troubles happen outside of business hours that cannot be fixed remotely. With our new After Hours Internet Response offering, our on-call technician will be dispatched at your request so you can keep your vital Internet services up and running, no matter when problems happen. *

Only $19.95/month if you keep the service for 12 months, or choose to pay a one-time fee only when you need it.

*Please note that while we will get there as soon as we can, technicians may be traveling long distances from reporting locations and between trouble calls. Please allow up to three (3) hours from your initial call for a technician to arrive on-site.
Available to business and residential customers. Not required for customers subscribing to business-class services such as Business Internet, TLS, or special circuits (these services already include after-hours response on-site). One-time after-hours response fee is $250.00 which includes labor and travel charges. Does not include replacement or addition of any customer-owned equipment and/or cables that may not be covered by warranty or other support services. Includes on-site support for the standard Internet Service up to and including the one (1) wired modem or equivalent (the demarcation point for Company’s Internet Service is the RJ45 cable at the wired modem or equivalent for services not requiring a modem). Additional charges may apply for support of services, equipment, or premise wiring beyond that point of demarcation, such as customer local area networks and Wi-Fi networks and equipment.

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