Deliver telecommunications services that enhance education, health, commerce and quality of life.


Provide essential high quality telecommunications services with personal customer care at the lowest cost consistent with sound business practices.



Mid-Rivers understand that serving our communities means more than just operating networks. It means being an active member of our communities, taking pride in their accomplishments and taking part in their improvement.

We believe that by caring for our family, friends neighbors and communities we can create a better tomorrow for those around us. Mid-Rivers strives to provide the highest possible quality of service - both communications and customer service - to every customer no matter where they call home

At Mid-Rivers, it’s the people that matter.

Mid-Rivers Facts

  • Mid-Rivers was established in 1952.

  • Mid-Rivers operates over 10,500 route miles of telephone line. Approximately 2,700 miles of fiber optic cable are installed in Mid-Rivers’ service area, with more fiber continually being installed.

  • Mid-Rivers has over 170 employees

  • Mid-Rivers is the largest Montana-owned provider of voice services to Montana subscribers.

  • Mid-Rivers operates a high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) distance learning interactive television (ITV) system connecting schools and other learning institutions in across Eastern and Central Montana.

  • Mid-Rivers’ ITV history began when Baker, Ekalaka, Plevna and Terry linked together for the first Montana network in 1990.

  • Mid-Rivers provides one-party service with features such as caller ID, repeat dialing and call return. Other advanced calling features, such as voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting, speed dial and telemarketing screening are also available.

  • Mid-Rivers has invested over $295 million in telecommunications plant.

  • State-of-the-art tandem telephone switches are located in Glendive and Roundup. All central offices in the cooperative have digital telephone switches for quality voice and data transmission.

  • Cable & Cellular Communications, LLC., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative, sells and maintains business telephone systems.

  • Mid-Rivers Wireless operates a main switching facility in Circle and 34 cellular towers across Eastern and Central Montana - more than any national provider. Mid-Rivers Wireless also sells cellular telephone equipment and accessories.

  • Mid-Rivers Cable Television is the largest Montana-owned video provider. We provide local networks, basic/expanded and digital cable services, HDTV and DVR to the majority of our cable systems. Mid-Rivers also produces and airs local video content on our MRC-TV channels.

  • Mid-Rivers Internet is one of the largest independent Montana providers of Internet services in the state. New Internet equipment continues to be installed, increasing capacity for an ever-growing customer base.

  • Mid-Rivers provides high-speed Internet access to Central and Eastern Montana. Services are provided utilizing a variety of technologies including cable modem, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Extended Range DSL (EDSL), 700 MHz wireless, Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) and others. WildBlueTM Satellite services are available to remote rural customers outside the reach of Mid-Rivers’ broadband facilities.

  • Mid-Rivers provides online billing services through SmartHub.

  • Mid-Rivers Long Distance has offered all distance toll service to Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative members since 1998.

  • Mid-Rivers provides rural economic development assistance to communities within its service area. Area grants awarded with Mid-Rivers’ assistance total over $2.8 million since 1999. They include assistance to volunteer fire departments, athletic organizations, schools, parks and others.

  • Mid-Rivers operates over 120 vehicles and Mid-Rivers employees drive over 2 million miles per year.

  • Mid-Rivers and its subsidiary paid property taxes of $1,472,575 in 2010.

  • Mid-Rivers annually awards Higher Education Scholarships to area students attending colleges, universities and technical schools.

  • Mid-Rivers has returned nearly $40 million in capital credits to its members.

  • Mid-Rivers offers FREE Technical Assistance to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. For Technical Assistance call 1-800-452-2288.


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