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Saturday, August 1st, 2015 10:16 PM
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Mailbox Sizes

Checking the mailbox size varies from program to program. Below are the instructions to check your mailbox size on three common mail clients: Outlook Express, Eudora, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Also shown is Mid-Rivers webmail program. 

These directions do not apply to customers using the POP3 settings for checking email. These examples will only apply to those customers using the IMAP settings for checking email. The settings here show only the size of the mail stored on the Mid-RIvers mail servers, not mail that has been downloaded off the server into the users Local Folders directory on their computer.

Outlook Express

There is not a setting in Outlook Express that will allow the user to always display the size of a folder. To see the size of a particular folder, the user must highlight the folder, right click, and select Properties.

On the Inbox Properties, click the Local File Tab. It will display the current size of the folder you selected.



Eudora by default shows the folder sizes of the current open folder. Please refer to the picture below for an understanding of the sizes shown.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird can display IMAP folder size, though it's not very intuitive how to enable it. Go to preferences (Cmd + , [a comma] on a mac, Tools -> Options on a PC), find the Advanced tab, then General and place a check on "Show expanded columns in the folder pane."

You'll notice that in the sidebar, right above the account name (i.e., the folder that contains your inbox and the other generic folders), instead of saying "Folder" it now says "Name" and at the end there is a small square button. If you click on that, it should give you three options: Unread, Total, Size; which will add three new columns to the sidebar, showing respectively the unread message count, the total message count and the size, formatted human readable.  Choose the size option and size of the folder on the mail server and your local files on your computer will be displayed.

Mid-Rivers Webmail

The Mid-Rivers webmail program has a very simplistic way of checking the size of each mailbox you have created. On the left hand tab, click the Folder Sizes link.

In the main tab of the webpage, you will see a display of all folders you have created and their total size.


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