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How to Use Call Waiting

Call waiting informs you that another caller is trying to contact you while you are engaged in a telephone conversation. You can answer the incoming call and talk privately without losing the original caller. You can also alternate between the two callers.

While already using the phone:

  • You are first notified of an incoming call by a call waiting alert tone. Depress and release the hook-switch to put the original party on hold. You are then connected to the calling party.
  • To alternate between parties, depress and release the hook-switch once for each transfer. Each conversation between you and one of the other parties is private.
  • If you wish to end the original conversation when you hear the call waiting tone, simply hang up. Your telephone then rings and you are connected to the calling party.
  • If a third party calls, he or she will receive a busy signal.

To cancel call waiting, remove the handset from the cradle, and dial *70. This deactivates the call waiting feature. Dial your desired party's number. Please note: this procedure cancels call waiting for this call only. Once you hang up, call waiting is automatically restored.

Call Waiting Frequently Asked Questions

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