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Monday, August 3rd, 2015 5:20 PM
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Cable TV Troubleshooting

Q: Nothing happens when I turn on my TV set.
Double check that the TV and set-top box plugs are completely inserted in active electrical outlets. If the outlets are controlled by a wall switch, make sure the switch is in the on position. If your TV is plugged into the back of the set-top box, be sure the box is plugged in and turned on before turning on your television set.

Q. What if I have a snowy picture or no picture?
Make sure that the cable is firmly connected to the back of the set-top box and television. Be sure your television is turned to channel 3 or 4.

Q. What do I do if I am stuck in a screen or menu I do not understand and want to get out?
A. You can always press the EXIT key on your remote control to immediately return to TV viewing mode. You can also press the LAST key to back you out of the onscreen program guide one menu at a time.

Q. I set my VCR timer to tape a program and it didn't work. Why?
A. Check to see if your television and VCR are on channel 3 or 4. Also, be sure the set-top box is tuned to the channel you wish to record. If you wanted to tape a locked channel, you must clear all lock options to allow the set-top box to tune to and display that channel.

Q. My Universal Remote Control doesn't work. What should I check?
A. Press the key labeled CABLE on your Universal Remote Control to be sure you're in the cable mode. Also, check the batteries in your Universal Remote Control. You know the batteries are dead if the cable light on your remote does not light up when a button is pushed. To change them, remove the battery cover on the back of your remote and replace the old batteries with two new AA alkaline batteries. Finally, make sure there is no obstruction preventing the Universal Remote Control's signal from reaching the set-top box.

Q. The volume on my TV is buzzing. Why?
To adjust the volume control:
     1. Turn down the volume on the TV set. 
     2. Turn your volume control on the remote up to the stereo level.
     3. Hold the cable button on the remote until it blinks.
     4. Press TV. This should clean up your sound quality.

Q. I've got a question. Who should I call?
Please call Mid-Rivers Cable Television. We will be happy to assist you! You can also visit our Cable TV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page to see if your issue may be addressed.

    Call 1-800-452-2288


From time to time, you may experience a problem with your television picture that can easily be fixed. Trying to fix it yourself will save you time and may even save you money on television repair.

Please refer to this list before calling Mid-Rivers.

Is your TV dial set on the converter output channel (often channel 2, 3, or 4)?


Rolling Picture

Adjust vertical hold on your TV set.

Wrong Channel
Check the converter and the TV's dial for channel setting.

Picture Leans to the Side
Try adjusting the "horizontal hold" on your TV set.

Snow on Screen
Check to make sure converter is plugged in to a working outlet.

No Picture, No Sound
Make sure the TV set is plugged into a "live" electrical outlet - and not controlled by a wall switch.

Push the red RESET button on the back of the TV set, if your TV has one.

Adjust the BRIGHTNESS control on your TV set.

Picture Shrinks
Overloaded circuit in your TV set. Electric company power cutback.

No Picture
Check channel setting on converter and TV set.

Check listing to make sure channel is broadcasting during the time slot. Wait for TV station announcement of difficulty.

Check other channels to compare reception.


CLICK HERE to download and print a PDF version of this information.

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