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Monday, August 3rd, 2015 11:20 PM
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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Will I need a converter to receive Mid-Rivers Cable Television?

A. Whether or not you will need a converter box depends on the type of television set(s) you have and what cable television service you are subcribing to. If you take Mid-Rivers Basic or Basic/Expanded cable television service, and your television set is cable-ready, you will not need a converter box. Older television sets cannot advance above 13 channels and will require a converter box to receive Mid-Rivers Cable Television. A converter box can be leased from Mid-Rivers for $1.00 per month.

Q. Will I need a set-top box to subscribe to MegaVue (Mid-Rivers digital cable television)?

A. If subscribing to MegaVue (digital cable television), you will need a set-top box. Your first set-top box is $5.00 per month; additional boxes are each $4.50 per month. A $25.00 equipment deposit is required at the time of sign-up. Boxes are leased through Mid-Rivers Cable Television.

*MegaVue is not available in all Mid-Rivers Cable Television communities.

*Mid-Rivers Cable Television offers High Definition Television (HDTV) in selected areas.

Q. What is a premium channel?

A. Mid-Rivers offers movie channels (premiums) - Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, The Movie Channel and Starz. The HBO plex is $17.95/month, and Cinemax, Starz/Encore, and Showtime/TMC are $13.95/month each. When you take any 2 premium channels you save $2.00/month, take any 3 and save $4.00/month and take all four and save $8.00/month

Q. Is inside wire maintenance for cable television available through Mid-Rivers?

A. Yes, inside wire maintenance is available where Mid-Rivers offers cable television service.

Q. Can I advertise on Mid-Rivers Cable Television's Community Channel?

A. Yes! Nearly every Mid-Rivers Cable Television system has a community channel that features commercial ads, school lunch menus, church and sports schedules, and other topics of local interest. Upon request, local schools can run video tapes on this channel at no cost. For more information on the Mid-Rivers Community Channel, go the the Community Channel information page.

Q. Can I put a television ad on the Mid-Rivers Cable Television system?

A. Yes, ads can be inserted into the following channels in most Mid-Rivers Cable Television systems: ESPN, CNN, Lifetime, Fox Sport Rocky Mountain, TNT, HGTV, Fx and the Outdoor Channel. To request additional information, please e-mail mrcom@midrivers.com or call 1-800-452-2288.

Q. Will I receive a separate bill if I have Mid-Rivers Cable Television and local phone service from Mid-Rivers?

A. Mid-Rivers will bill your phone and cable television service together in one bill for your convenience.

Q. Where can I find a user guide for my digital set-top box?

A. You can pick up a user guide for your Mid-Rivers digital set-top box at your nearest Mid-Rivers Customer Service Office; you can request that one be mailed to you by calling 1-800-452-2288; or you can download the user guide for your particular set-top model from our website.

Q. Does Mid-Rivers Cable Television offer Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service?

A. Yes, in selected areas. In order to subscribe to DVR service, one must first subscribe to a MegaVue (digital television) package.

Q. How do I learn more about the new i-Guide (Interactive Program Guide) that comes with my Digital Cable or DVR service?

A. You can learn more about i-Guide on our website, or go directly to the i-Guide Interactive Demo.

Q. Where can I find information about parental control?

A. A good source of information is at www.pointsmartclicksafe.org.

Still have questions? Please email Customer Services.  Trouble with your TV set?  See our Cable Television Troubleshooting tips. 

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