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Saturday, August 1st, 2015 12:11 PM
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About Your Telephone Bill


Disconnects and Interrupted Service

There is no charge for discontinuing service, but the Customer Services Department should be notified by telephone or in writing 10 days in advance of the disconnect.  Mid-Rivers offers its subscribers special vacation or seasonal rates, for those who will be out of the service area for an extended period, but who do not wish to forfeit either their membership, calling card, or current telephone number.

Mid-Rivers does not guarantee uninterrupted service to its subscribers.  In case service is interrupted other than by the negligence or willful act of subscribers, an adjustment will, upon written request from the subscribers, be made for time without service.  Any adjustment shall apply only to the period the interruption continues beyond 48 hours after notice of the interruption is received by Mid-Rivers.

No other liability shall in any case attach to Mid-Rivers.  Report any damaged lines, outages, or problems with your telephone service to the 24-hour trouble-reporting number, (406) 687-3391.  Immediately report anyone who damages or destroys cooperative facilities.  Mid-Rivers' equipment is owned by its members, so it is to every member's financial advantage to protect cooperative property.  The cooperative maintains more than 11,000 miles of buried cable.  Remember, before doing excavating work, Montana law requires you to notify all utilities which have facilities that might be affected.  The cooperative's cable locating service includes the personnel and equipment to locate buried cable free of charge upon notification.  To avoid the expense and service outages that cable cuts cause, call Mid-Rivers cable locating service at (406) 687-3391, 48 hours prior to excavation.  Mid-Rivers is a member of the Montana One-Call System for all utilities in the state. The toll free number for One-Call is 1-800-424-5555 or you can dial 811.


Errors On Your Bill?

If you have a question regarding your bill, call or visit your nearest Mid-Rivers Service Center, or e-mail Customer Services at: customerservices@midrivers.coop

Explain the possible error to the representative, who will help you as best they can.  If the error cannot be resolved, please pay the undisputed charges on time so you'll maintain a good payment record while the problem is being investigated.


How, When, & Where To Pay Your Bill

Your bill is issued monthly and is due/payable upon receipt.  In addition, you may receive an additional bill if you select a long distance carrier for which Mid-Rivers does not provide billing and collection services.

You can mail your payment, pay your bill at your nearest Mid-Rivers Service Center, or at those banks designated as payment centers in Baker, Ekalaka, Fairview, Glendive, Richey, Roundup, Sidney, Terry, Wibaux.  You can save time if you use your payment portion of your bill when paying in person.  There is a charge for each returned check. Direct payment from your checking or savings is also available.


How You Are Billed

Charges for local service and equipment are billed one month in advance.  Repair charges are billed after they have been completed.


How To Get Your Service Restored

All past charges must be paid before your service can be reconnected.  You may be asked to pay a deposit.  The reconnection fee will be added to your next bill.


Paying The Bill On Time So Your Service Will Not Be Disconnected

If your payments are not received by the due dates, or you do not meet your mutually agreed upon payment arrangement, your telephone service may be disconnected (returned checks constitute non-payment).

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