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Thursday, July 30th, 2015 8:07 AM
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Red Condor Frequently Asked Questions
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Mid-Rivers emailGUARD Service is provided FREE for all Mid-Rivers Internet subscribers!

Junk e-mail and viruses are a universal complaint of Internet e-mail users everywhere, and Mid-Rivers emailGUARD service has proven to be very effective in diminishing these email problems for its subscribers. This service is provided free of charge to all Mid-Rivers Internet customers!

Each e-mail user can specify their own degree of filtering intensity to meet their individual needs. By default, the emailGUARD filters will block most junk e-mail from being delivered to your Inbox, but it may not catch all junk e-mail that is sent to your Mid-Rivers address.

If emailGUARD does not block someone who is sending you junk e-mail or viruses, you can completely block those senders by using the "Friends" option. You can also use this option to block email from an entire domain of addresses. If you discover junk e-mails or viruses that seem to by-pass the filters, first ensure that your filter settings are at maximum sensitivity, and then forward that email as an attachment to: spam@redcondor.com. This will help emailGUARD trap messages of that nature in the future.

You may also choose to approve senders that you think emailGUARD is blocking in error by using the "Approved Senders" option. You also have the ability to approve any mailing lists or newsgroups to which you subscribe.

Virus protection is a standard feature with emailGUARD and cannot be disabled by the user. Each e-mail sent to your Mid-Rivers address will be scanned for dangerous content using a continuously updated virus scanning engine. NOTE: It is still important to have an anti-virus program on your computer because emailGUARD cannot catch viruses that could be downloaded onto your computer via websites, network shares, or removable media devices such as floppy disks. Also, emailGUARD can filter most viruses but may not catch every virus sent to your Mid-Rivers email address.

To log into your emailGUARD Personal Dashboard, you must use your entire Mid-Rivers e-mail address as the username*. A temporary password is assigned when your account is created and sent to you via e-mail. Please contact the Mid-Rivers technical assistance center if you need additional help with your emailGUARD password.

emailGUARD will send you a daily notification if any emails have been blocked. You then have an opportunity to review those quarantined messages and deliver them to your Inbox if so desired. You can safely preview any quarantined junk e-mails in the emailGUARD Daily Digest.

All e-mails in the Personal Dashboard are automatically deleted every 35 days. To deliver a quarantined message to your e-mail account, click on the "Release" link next to that message in your Daily Digest e-mail.

* emailGUARD is only available for Mid-Rivers e-mail accounts.

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